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Friday, April 18, 2014

My cup runneth over

Quickie note from the management: I am incredibly, incredibly behind on my EVE mail.

This has turned into a fabulously busy two weeks for me, between blog posts, trying to keep up with CSM-related EVE-O forum threads, trying to keep up with my RL life and job, and my desire to put a decent amount of time into Elder Scrolls Online. But as a result, right now I'm running about two weeks behind on my EVE mail and it's piling up.

So if you've written me something in the last two weeks, I apologize in advance. I'm not ignoring you. I'm just getting behind on it. I'll get caught up this weekend.

I apologize and thank you for understanding...

EDIT (21/Apr/2014): I did indeed get caught up this weekend so if you sent me an EVE mail and I didn't respond to it in some way, feel free to resend it.


  1. Don't forget KSP updates! Your posts got me back into that game after early alpha, for which I am immeasurably grateful. And....I don't know how else to say it....I just love docking. Don't know what that says about me. But, I see a docking port and, I am like Bam! Got to dock that shit up!

    1. It's kind of sad that construction and industry in KSP is WAY more fulfilling than construction and industry in EVE.

    2. In Eve, one manufacturers to earn isk. From what I've learned about KSP, players manufacture to achieve goals or further an experiment. This is just a guess from reading about your experiences. Am I on the right track?

    3. I now owe many sleepless nights to KSP...yes, the joy is in the experimentation and building, to see how every part contributes to the whole and then rip it apart, trying for a more efficient or interesting design... that will also reach over yonder hill and back. Space Legos! With Physics!

      Currently, the only compelling gameplay aside from sandbox mode where you can tinker freely with all available parts - is in the single player career mode. Collecting science points in your explorations (which begin right at the spaceport) unlocks the tech tree, and access to bigger/better parts.

      I think that is a better way to learn the game... getting exposed to a few parts at a time, rather than to jump right into Sandbox and have 100's of parts dumped on you at once.

      The next major update will pump more life into single player career mode, by turning on costs for parts and unveiling a Contract system (semi-randomly generated missions to perform) to earn money, to build better rockets, so you can do more science on distant planets and unlock the tech tree.

      Official Multiplayer support is being designed, but its a long ways out.

    4. If manufacturing and industry in EVE were more like they are in KSP, I would probably never log off.

  2. Public declarations of email bankruptcy are always very cathartic.

    I remember logging into my email in an old gaming gig two find about 2,000 emails after a shortish enforced break.

    A public statement sure cleansed the guilt. ;)

  3. Well if I get a response from anyone I just mailed on the CSM or CSM hopefuls in the next couple weeks I will be really impressed.

  4. Don't feel that you need to apologize, Jester. At least you get around to reading and responding to the comments to your posts.

    If only the CCP devs would follow your example, when they post the dev blogs. I'm not sure why they even bother including a link for player comments, which they don't even feel is worth their effort to read.


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