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Sunday, April 6, 2014

My endorsements for CSM9

CSM9 voting season will be upon us in two days! The official candidate list has been published. And so it's time for me to go ahead and list my endorsements for the coming year. As with last year, I've decided to endorse a full slate of 14 candidates for CSM9.

However, after much thought and deliberation I decided not to dig too far into the politics of the CSM. It was sorely tempting not to endorse any bloc candidates, for instance. I didn't choose any in my endorsements last year. But after a year spent on the CSM myself, I'm not going to do that this time and I have good reasons why. Being on the CSM is not only about knowledge of the game and its players and having that knowledge is of course critically important. But a year on the CSM has taught me that being able to back up that knowledge with both a strong personality and a strong sense of self is just as important... maybe more important. A good CSM delegate is going to have both of these things combined also with a willingness to do the work that needs doing. That said, the best CSM will also be the one with the widest possible experience.

For those reasons, my endorsements are less about "people I like" and more about players that will both do the work and be forceful personalities... while also knowing important areas of the game. In a way, then, my list is rather apolitical... almost anti-political.

So when it comes time to fill out your ballot, I will be filling mine out in the following order and I hope you will too:

1. Ali Aras
Last year, Ali was my #4 endorsement. This year, she moves up to the top spot, and it's my wish that she be voted into one of the "top two seats" that I filled one of for CSM8. Ali has more than borne out the faith that I showed in her with my CSM8 endorsement. She's knowledgeable about a lot of aspects of the game, works hard and does her homework to learn the others, is terrific in terms of dev interaction, is even better about doing the work that needs to be done with the CSM. After myself, she was the best person on CSM8 with regard to player outreach and communication. Ali is not without her flaws: I'm sometimes concerned about the potential conflict between her CSM duties and her TMC duties. But there's no question she's been an outstanding CSM8 member and I'd love to see her continue on CSM9.
2. Xander Phoena
A lot of people have asked me, "Jester, if I can't vote for you, who among the CSM candidates is most like you?" That would be Xander Phoena. Xander is smart, knowledgeable about the game, diplomatic, a hard worker, and provably great about player communication. I have no doubt that if elected, he will neatly step into the position I've been occupying with regard to player outreach, town halls, and like functions. He's also got a strong personality and of all the candidates running, he's one of two most likely to remember that the CSM is not only a CCP focus group. It's also intended to be a player watchdog. Most CSM candidates (and members!) forget that, but Xander won't.
3. Steve Ronuken
Last year, Steve didn't get my endorsement, but only just. I figured he'd be ready in time for CSM10. Call me one year late on that and Steve has my strong endorsement for CSM9. Steve brings two particular areas of expertise that the CSM this year is going to be desperate for: industry experience, and third party application development experience. Watching him campaign for CSM9, I have no doubt that he'll be there to help with the hard work that's going to be necessary this term.
4. Mike Azariah
As with Steve, Mike is another one who didn't get my endorsement last year. I considered him a long-shot candidate. But he pulled it off, then surprised me again with his knowledge, strong personality, and diplomatic panache. He's one of those guys that people like talking to. Further, he's particularly good at dealing with the more senior CCP folks and the more senior they got, the better Mike is at working with them. I'd say that out of CSM8, he was the third best at this after Trebor and myself. With both of us out of the picture, CSM9 will need someone who can step into this role and I think Mike is terrific at it.
5. Sugar Kyle
It's a crime that we didn't have a low-sec representative on CSM8 and this is a mistake that simply cannot be replicated on CSM9. Out of the potential candidates, Sugar Kyle stands head and shoulders over her competition in this area. She's not only extremely knowledgeable about the low-sec arena, she's a terrific writer and blogger. She shows through her output that she has both the personality and the lack of fear of hard work that the job will require.
6. James Arget
I was so impressed by James at the Summer Summit last year. He's knowledgeable, smart, and passionate about EVE Online in a way that a lot of us can't manage. And yet he's also very practical, good at dealing with CCP devs, and not afraid of doing the work. In particular, James often stepped in and did some of the more ugly but necessary jobs that the rest of us didn't want to do. The CSM8 official website is a good example, for instance... James didn't ask if he should do it. He just did it, then pulled input in from the rest of us to make it better.
7. Matias Otero
Every CSM needs an adorable newbie in my opinion and this year, I'd love to see Matias in this role. As the founder of Brave Collective, he's done something that nobody else has managed in the last year: create a new major player organization, give it a mission, and see that mission successfully accomplished. That speaks strongly to his determination and drive. But I'm also hugely impressed with where he wants to go with his CSM9 candidacy, in particular reminding CCP that this game is supposed to be... you know... fun!
8. corbexx
I've been talking with corbexx for the last several years and he's impressed me greatly with his knowledge of wormhole play, mechanics, and players. This guy, to use the standard phrase, "just knows his shit." But beyond that he's smart and savvy, and clearly has the personality to be successful on the CSM.
9. corebloodbrothers
You can call this loyalty to my bloc if you like, but I endorsed core last year too. As with last year, I like core's PvP experience and I do want someone on the CSM that will represent the interests of sov holders that aren't a member of a mega-bloc. But also as with last year what impresses me most about core is his real world experience: he's a software developer with experience with LEAN methodology and scrum development techniques. That's something we could have used this last year.
10. mynnna
It's sorely tempting to say that a vote for mynnna isn't a vote for him at all: it's a vote for whomever is #3 on the Goon ballot. And if you don't want to include him on your ballot for that reason, I won't blame you. But mynnna does deserve your support for his knowledge of EVE high finance, industry, and null-sec politics and mechanics. He could have easily sat back and not done any of the necessary work for CSM8 but he didn't do that... just the opposite, in fact.
11. progodlegend
PGL wasn't as active on CSM8 as I would have liked sometimes; his RL duties pulled him away for stretches at times and the whole war thing he was running did so even more. But he's undeniably knowledgeable about the game, passionate about player concerns, and did not have any trouble at all both interacting with players and working with CCP devs. N2/N3 have the numbers to deserve a voice on CSM9 and PGL's done a great job with it.
12. Psychotic Monk
I surprised a lot of people endorsing Psychotic Monk last year and it's kind of ironic that I'm doing it again this year. But I'll stick with what I said about him in my CSM8 endorsement: "Take James 315 and subtract the rampant insanity and the cult following, then add a heavy dose of practicality, and you get Psychotic Monk. ;-)" That still applies, and I continue to like his take on high-sec war-dec mechanics. This is a segment of the player base that should be represented. Just by -- you know -- someone sane.
DNSBLACK and I have this weird conflicting relationship. I like the guy... I really do! But some of what he says and does annoys the living crap out of me. It's fair to say that we've had our disagreements. But he is the right man for this job. His passion and knowledge about EVE is undeniable, he's got a strong RL background, great player communications skills, and would clearly be going to Iceland to help make the game better and more fun. You can't really ask much more from a CSM member than that.
14. Mangala Solaris
And last but not least, Mangala has been a strong member of CSM8, particularly when he represented EVE players at the Winter Summit. He's another person I admire for his knowledge of the game and his player outreach skills. Mangala's strongest skills are in helping CCP to give tools to the true content creators in this game who create fun and good memories not only for themselves but for large segments of the EVE population.
And that's the list! I hope you'll support some or all of the candidates on this list. But whomever you support, please get out there and vote!  The more players that vote in this election, the more influence the CSM is going to have with CCP.  And the more players you list on your ballot, the more likely your vote will have a real impact.  It's important.  Thanks for your time and your participation!

As with last year, I'll be doing at least one more post about the CSM candidates, and probably two. The first will be a list of who I actually think will win. And I might get around to talking about some of the candidates I didn't endorse and why, too.


  1. In before Dinsdale tinfoil about goon's rigging the election anyway.

    1. Shrug...."rigging" implies doing something outside of the rules. goons don't have to do that. The voting mechanisms supplied by CCP are sufficient alone to allow goons to dominate the CSM.

      As for Ripard's list. I am really torn. Mike Azariah states he is a representative of the high sec / casual player, yet we the June release is shaping up to be one of the worst ever for that gameplay, and one can only tremble in terror for what the next one will be like, because let's face it, there is a 6 month lag between ideas being dictated to CCP, and when they implement them. Yet I have to vote for someone, to lodge my protest with yet another CSM slate bent of wrecking high sec. Guys like Steve might be great at industry, but you can bet he is also full bore onside with wrecking high sec NPC manufacturing slots, since he is a POS guy, and it would be great for every one of them. So I have some thinking to do.

      And I am still waiting for an answer from Ripard or perhaps Mike for how "Ytterbium opened the session by going over general changes CCP intends to make in the summer. These include refining skill changes so you need less of the specialized refining skills", which is pulled directly from the CCP minutes, turned into the exact opposite of what was released.

      Mike did a heluva job there defending the high sec casual player there.

    2. Um, I guess it depends on how you look at it. For the refining skills.

      A new player will be more competitive more quickly but sure if you want to max it out you need to put more skill points into.

      Why wouldn't you want POSes to be more valuable than NPC stations? Even in Highsec.

      Though the talk about lowering standings requirements always seems dumb and like its taking away choices in the sandbox. Choosing to have good standings either for roleplay or just to keep the texture of EVE diverse seems like more options in the box instead of everyone can do anything anywhere, which actually does go along with your Null sec paranoia.

    3. Dinsdale, could you supply an ALTERNATIVE mechanism for voting for CSM that wouldn't result in goon's somehow "dominating" the vote?

    4. @Happy. First past the post would actually limit the goon's ability to dominate. If CCP went back to the old style of voting, goon's would have a harder time allocating votes. They would end up likely having 20,000 people vote for mynnna, then 10,000 for the 2nd person they want on the CSM. That would mean a lot of wasted goon votes, which is good for the whole of the game.

    5. Dinsdale:
      Perhaps, Except it would also mean that the majority of eve pilots in the game also have wasted votes. First past the post voting is dysfunctional - no *serious* democracy uses it...Mynnna would *still* get 20k votes, but the likelyhood of the Ripard Teg's of the world getting one of the "top 2" seats would be greatly diminished.

    6. Under FPTP we were able to place two candidates on the council at will, rather foolishly opting not to do so on CSM7.

      Under STV we... placed two candidates on the council.

      Tell me again how FPTP would limit our ability to dominate...?

  2. I plan to resub in time to vote; it would be a no-brainer if I only had to pick one person since Sugar Kyle is my top pick. But 14...that's much more difficult, so this post is helpful in figuring my own slate out.

  3. Thanks for the head's up.

    Since I know how you want to vote, I'll now find a way to vote in a group of people completely opposite to they way you like.

    You offer very little to the game, but claim to have done more than anyone on CSM8 in relation to player outreach. Rubbish. Mike and Malcanis have been by far the most reaching members of the community in CSM8.

    Your period on the CSM has been marred by controversy around your own inability to take a logical and measured approach to issues and polarization of the community.

    Whatever you want for the future of the game through your recommendations, I hope many people stand up to bring a completely different reality to its future.

    1. Nothing says "logical and measured approach" like "I would literally vote for your antimatter duplicate because I don't like you", after all.

    2. Man up and post with your EVE name

    3. "Since I know how you want to vote, I'll now find a way to vote in a group of people completely opposite to they way you like."

      Since when did CCP allow 8yr olds to play EvE?

      By your own "logic", you'll also not be voting for Mike, the player who has "been by far the most reaching members of the community in CSM8."

      Either stop playing EvE because you are under age or grow up.

    4. So you're going to prevent Mynna from getting into the CSM are you? Good luck with that :P And if you're not going to vote in Ali, James and Sugar Kyle because some random guy on the internet understands they're good candidates, well that's not really fair on them or a useful vote

  4. I took a look at the Votematch site earlier today (found it linked on SugarKyle's Lowsec Lifestyle blog) and you hit about 90% on my initial go thru. Thanks for info and breakdowns

  5. I voted a modified version of your ballot last year, with Ali at two and you at one. That will not be an issue this year. Thanks for the list.

  6. "Mangala has been a strong member of CSM9, particularly in the first half where he represented EVE players at the Summer Summit"

    Time travel! Jester, share your lottery winnings. You...did use your knowledge to win it, right? :P

    1. Personally I'm more worried that he was at the CSM9 summer summit and then decided not to run.

      Then again... probably just retiring to a life of luxury after those lottery wins.

  7. For Ali, you mention "potential conflict between her CSM duties and her TMC duties". Can you elaborate on this? Where has this tension appeared in the past year, and how did it play out?

    I'm also curious for your thoughts on some of the candidates who didn't make your list. Jayne Fillon, riverini, and DJ FunkyBacon come to mind.

    1. I'll talk about some of the other candidates in the next few days, I think. I almost included riverini but he's competing in a much tougher slate this year. If you don't want to vote bloc candidates, put riverini in place of mynnna and Aram Kachaturian in place of PGL.

      FunkyBacon deliberately betrayed a confidence that was shared with him. And that is THE #1 THING you simply cannot do as a member of the CSM, so IMO he doesn't belong on the council.

      Jayne was also a pretty tough call since he's more of a small gang guy. In the end I didn't pick him because of stronger competition and my belief that small-gang in this game is pretty much over.

    2. Given how outspoken I have been lately against Ripard and his agenda, it should shock absolutely no one that I'm not on his "approved" list. Since I am one of only 2 lowsec candidates this year, one needs only look at his entry for Sugar Kyle to see how I stack up. :)

    3. He wont endorse funkybacon, because hes a little weasel that got found out and has to cover his sack of shit ass for being a little bitch like he is!

      Ripard = Coward.

    4. Whoa Ripard... are we talking about the skype conversation I quoted? The one I was invited to with never a word about "confidentiality" or "privacy". It was a chat room with over 30 Eve media types in it, and I should certainly think that if one was to have a "private" discussion, one certainly wouldn't have it in there. I sure as hell wouldn't say anything in a room like that I was afraid might get quoted somewhere. There is absolutely nothing private about that room, nor was there ever anything implied that there was.

      For the record, I have never leaked anything that I was asked to hold in confidence, regardless of what I thought of the people involved. That includes CCP and members of the CSM. However, if that same person is going to run off at the mouth in direct contradiction to what they state in other public areas, and I'm under no secrecy restrictions, you are DAMN right that I will happily quote and paste with reckless abandon.

      So no, there was no "deliberately betrayed a confidence." you said something in front of me, I quoted it. End of story. If you don't like the things you put into words, keep them in private convos.

    5. Ripard just got rekt.

      He is definitely a coward and someone who can't back up what he has to say.

      So glad he won't be running again, nothing but a has been who has contributed nothing to the game but carebear tears and fail fits on a shitty blog.

    6. Even the article at Eurogamer caved to that:


      As an aside, I commend you FunkyBacon for trying to get the other sides of the story out there.

    7. Funkybacon,

      I have no ill will towards you however I believe that at this time you should have consequence for betraying a CSM member. I spoke to you in confidence, and you betrayed that confidence.

      I don't believe you should be on the CSM due to your lack of ability to keep a secret (a secret from a CSM) mind you.

      I look forward to the day when liars, cheats, extortionists, "gankers" and other undesirables are removed from eve online which I'm sorry to say you are now classed as one of the above (ill let you figure that out)

      I truly hope that if you are elected you don't let down the CSM and the eve community which I have solely built up by myself.

      Without blowing my own trumpet I have done more for this game in my time on the CSM then anyone else has done ever. Period.

      Now I would appreciate it if you do not comment further anymore on my blog :)


    8. Obvious fake is obvious. Ripard comments here as "Jester" with an icon.

    9. It's so sad the depths to which Ripard Teg haters will stoop. There has never been such a vile and disgusting group of haters. I hope there never will be again either.

    10. Funkybacon, it's rather sad that you don't see what you did wrong here, so I'll make it clear: not everything you hear is fodder to be given to journalists.

      You can try to justify to yourself that the Podpack Skype channel is some kind of public forum, but that's utterly ridiculous. It's clearly a private channel with extremely limited access, intended for people who want to cover EVE-related topics a place to talk about those topics in that context. If people wanted stuff said in that channel to be public, they'd say them in public forums.

      And then to take something said in there, twist it to say what you want it to say, and then feed it to a journalist is pretty disgusting. Fortunately, you screwed up and presented what was said in a factually incorrect way, the journalist in question and his editor agreed with me on review that it was factually incorrect, and the quote was removed from the eurogamer piece.

      Given that you and Aleks don't want to play by the rules of polite society, it should not surprise you that the number of people in that channel is small and shrinking. It should surprise you even less that CSM members in there have routinely started asking if stuff they say in there is off the record. And that's what I'm going to advise CSM9 as part of my turn-over to them.

    11. Hahaha another weasel ripard post.

      Be a man ripard and say what you really think instead of trying to twist things around because you fucked up.

      Haha nothing but a coward.

    12. Given that FunkyBacon posted chatlogs from the podcasters Skype channel without asking the various parties, I too, have a no confidence vote. Sorry Bacon, you were on my list until you did that.

  8. Replies
    1. Stop talking here and go campaign. I will be super pissed at you if you don't get in.

      Now MOVE!!!111

  9. i wont be voting for Ali Aras

    We need fresh out of the box thinkers

  10. Thank you again for you input Jester, this feedback will be helpful in making my voting choices. Of course I will vote a bit differently (Mang #1, RvB rarara etc etc ;) ) but your perspective is appreciated.

    That being said, I'm surprised you're recommending Psychotic Monk, given that he was apparently involved in the bonus room...

  11. Xander sounds like he will the WORK role you will in the CSM. What about his positions and disposition? Is he where you are on the "players being bad" issues?

    1. Xander has more normative positions on defining what is cyber bullying in or related to Eve. However, you are bound to disagree with him at some point; so, are you willing to chose your candidates by one issue, whatever that may be?

    2. ^ this. Don't pick CSM candidates based on their treatment of a specific issue unless that "issue" is very very broad (Steve with industry, Sugar with low-sec). Pick players who are going to represent you. Hell, what was my "issue" last year? I don't think I had one.

    3. @jester. People voted for you because of how crap CSM7 were at communication. We knew you wouldn't be able to resist writing loads.

    4. True enough, but I didn't have an in-game issue.

  12. Out of the fact that any CSM candidates which I may agree with can't do anything unless CCP is already moving its fat ass in that direction, it turns that voting the CSM will not help at all my woes.

    Some weeks ago I asked Mike Azariah about what had he done for the hisec casual guy. His answer was that he had spoken to CCP from that point of view, which I believe it's true.

    But also it's true that his words were ignored by the other 13 CSMs and CCP.

    Thus, there is no point in resubbing to vote. "Choose the odd guy who will be ignored unless he accidentally aligns with the Powers That Be" isn't enough representativeness to bother.

    1. "there is no point in resubbing to vote."

      You are 100% correct here. In your case anyway.

      "Choose the odd guy who will be ignored unless he accidentally aligns with the Powers That Be"

      You are 100% incorrect here. Just go speak with any incumbent CSM member.

      progodlegend who let's face it, was in it for a free ride to Iceland, in his own words (more or less) when asked why he was running again (can't remember which podcast):

      "I never expected the CSM to be taken so seriously by CCP. Even on topics where I did not expect to provide much feedback (e.g. not fleet or nullsec related stuff), I ended up giving a lot and was taken seriously by CCP."

      Others say the same thing. Those people who expect CCP to allow the CSM to dictate what & how every future game feature should be, how CCP must react to certain issues etc. always amuse me. It's a level of stupidity and short-sightedness rarely seen in the real world.

    2. Voting the only guy who's right in a committee is of no use to his voters... :P

  13. Why not endorse funkybacon?

    Is it because he actually got both sides of the story before making his mind up about Erotica 1?

    or is it that you too much of a pussy to do an interview with him because you would get found out for being the little weasel that you are?

    Keep avoiding it loser, its hilarious to watch you dig your grave deeper.

    1. "Why not endorse funkybacon?"

      In your haste to be a "whinny little bitch", you missed why Ripard Teg does not endorse him. I'll reiterate here as I'm guessing you're not very good at reading and will find it difficult to read all of the words on this page...

      "FunkyBacon deliberately betrayed a confidence that was shared with him. And that is THE #1 THING you simply cannot do as a member of the CSM, so IMO he doesn't belong on the council."

    2. And I'll repeat here: No confidence was betrayed. Ripard said something in a very populated skype chat room, one that he likely didn't realize I was in and paying attention to. What he said was very much out of line with the rhetoric he was posting in his blog at the time, and I very unsurprisingly quoted him, though I preserved it in the context of the conversation he was having. To my knowledge, none of the 30+ people in that chat room were ever asked to keep anything in confidence, and everyone was dragged in by someone else already in the room.

      We're not talking about an NDA locked super secret CSM channel here.

      Skype has no moderation, and anyone in that chat can drag anyone on their friends list into the chat. Anyone in the chat can also kick anyone else out of the chat (as Ripard was himself kicked by one of the other members). It is quite possibly the least secure way to communicate I can think of, private convos aside, and I can honestly tell you I haven't got a clue who 3/4ths of the people in that room even are. Definitely not the sort of place I would air my dirty laundry, that's for sure.

    3. BraverthananyoneelseApril 7, 2014 at 1:46 AM

      Sounds like I missed something? What was the quote?

    4. BraverthananyoneelseApril 7, 2014 at 3:02 AM

      Found it. http://pastebin.com/dFV2Qnbu

      Still standing with Ripard Teg on this side. Even if I don't like the victim or the over the top action of banning Erotica1 months after the recording.

      People like Erotica1 are evil. Well spoken and intelligent but still evil.

    5. He chose one industry candidate and one wormhole candidate, so he likely intended to chose one low sec candidate. Ripard said that he felt Sugar was the best low sec candidate. Obviously, he didn't endorse FunkyBacon. He hasn't really engaged with FunkyBacon on his blog, really, so he probably wouldn't have endorsed him anyway. Is it fueled by their recent public disagreements? Is it propelled by some ad hominem (and perhaps understandably angry) criticism by him? Probably not. Whether I agree with Ripard on issues is regardless of the fact that I know he has thick skin. As does FunkyBacon. Both of these community members will be able to get over this and work for the better of the game; there are plenty of issues they could agree on, and I think that, privately, they would both appreciate that the other takes stands for what he believes in.

    6. See above for my response to this. FB took something from a private forum, and not only made it public, but then twisted the context and fed it to a gaming journalist. See my comment above on the 7th at 1:31pm for further details including what happened next.

      When FB did this, he lost not only my endorsement but my respect. I advise anyone elected to CSM9 to either not accept an invite to the Podcast Skype channel or if you do, to exercise extreme caution about anything said in there: just assume that it will be made public.

    7. What is interesting to note is how Sohkar dealt with the scam afterwards; "I got scammed, I got mad, I got over it - everybody else should be able to get over it, too."

      source: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-04-01-was-ccp-right-to-ban-this-eve-online-player

      Then the comment FB made about Ripard Teg was interesting to (listen to the eve radio link in the link above), saying if he was so concerned about Sohkar he should have invited him to Rote Kapelle.

      I agree that an active corporation with strong leadership can provide a strong social safety net for protection and prevention against these "mental waterboarding" scams way better then any CCP (adhoc ?) interpretation of the TOS/EULA and subsequent banning.

      Ripard Teg so far has proven to be a good communicator but made 2 mistakes, one he eventually owned up; the Somer blink debate.

      source: http://jestertrek.blogspot.nl/2013/10/somer-of-rage.html

      And sadly atm the fact he might have done more harm to the meta game, by giving CCP the oppurtinity to police it outside the new eden universe.
      Yes what Erotica 1 did was despicable, but even Sokhar was a better person about it in the end then Ripard currently is.

      Regards, a Freelancer

  14. So-- my question, as a painfully uninformed voter. What blocs are these players in? What are their primary areas of experience? Even if we shouldn't litmus test, knowing experience and bloc can be an excellent gauge of how one's weighting one's CSM voting.

    1. I may be wrong, but:

      Xander Phoena is a rank-and-file member of the CFC (I don't know if he will be their candidate; probably not)
      James Arget is a wormhole candidate (not a "bloc" candidate per se)
      Mtias Otero is HERO's candidate
      corebloodbrothers is ProviBloc's candidate
      mynna is CFC's candidate
      progodlegend is N2's candidate
      Mangala Solaris is RvB's candidate

  15. Thanks for giving us a list of who not to vote for, as they probably reflect your wormy ideas for the future of Eve.

    Hopefully what you have done will come to light soon and you will be held to account.

    Internet spaceships is serious bizniz, no place for slimy polititians - we have enough of them in RL.

    1. You're a real champ.


    2. So, I'm curious, what "wormy ideas" do you think that mynnna, Sugar Kyle, Steve Ronuken, Xander Phoena, and Mangala Solaris represent? Could you clarify for me, please: Are you anti-industry, anti-piracy, anti-new player experience, anti-communication, anti-high sec PvP, anti-bloc, anti-experience, or? Maybe you could help me understand how those players overlap in a set of related, slimy set of ideas of these two incumbents and two new candidates.

      Or maybe the Anon reply said it better.

  16. not really a fan of the Monk. But I have done the courtesy of listing his interview with Tyrant. He does sound like a level headed guy. However he has channelled funds into New Order. An organisation which fosters an irrational and mythical view of the high-sec miner really only for the excuse of being serial pests.

    Plus Monk's straw-man argument that he awoxes indie corps because they "entrap players into mining and missioning". And he is somehow a liberator for these players to have more fun. I mean if players are supposed to expand their gaming style options - then why are so many focused on bashing miners in the first place. Maybe spread this "education" to players who are exclusive suicide gankers to save them from quiting in boredom?

    And he styles himself as a "content creator". That has to be one of the most abused references in Eve today. I liked what this guy had to say on the topic:


  17. I'm sure you know this already Ripard, but I think it would be best to inform potential uninformed voters that only the top two votes on a ballot (1 and 2), will actually count as votes. So please put the two candidates you want to see in the CSM at the first two slots on your ballots people. Thank you.

    Here's the associated devblog for more information: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/csm9-elections-schedule-election-process-and-candidate-applications/

    1. I'm really not sure what you read in that devblog that gave you the idea that only the top two votes will actually count. The closest thing I can think of that might have given you that idea is that the top two vote tallies overall get permanent summit attendee status, but that's not even mentioned in that blog...

  18. i used to be in DNS but left after one of Black's drunken, homophobic, racist rants. I can't imagine voting for him. There is an obvious disconnect between gaming and cultural viewpoints, but you can't "encourage community" when you believe that some people shouldn't be part of the community in the first place.

  19. Interesting to see you endorsing Psychotic Monk, considering the filth that some of his followers have been spewing in the Erotica1 thread (much of it directed at you, Jester).

    If his mindset is anything like those condoning E1's brand of bullying, why would we want anything to do with him?

  20. After the disappointing performance of CSM8, all of whom eventually became nothing but CCP cheerleaders, my recommendation for CSM9 is for everyone to cast their votes for "none of the above".

  21. Thank the csm 8 for all the work they did for us jester!
    And for the rest of you vote Wormhole candidates!

  22. Ripard, I am amazed to find you endorsing Psychotic Monk, an (apparent) escrow agent from at least one of the Bonus Rounds. Was PM's participation relatively innocuous, do you think, compared to you-know-who's?

    1. Do you have evidence that he was an E1 escrow agent?

  23. Well, there's the sound of his voice < https://soundcloud.com/fancy-space-tourist/happy-miner-payout > (called by name fifteen minutes in) and the roar of his silence < https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=326497 >.

  24. I find it strange how much you think Matias Otero would be able to do. He effectively hasn't played EVE for ~8 months. He barely did anything during the build-up of BRAVE and quit being CEO about six months after BRAVE started. In a recent alliance mail from leadership he wasn't even among the top three candidate suggestions for BRAVE members to vote for.

    Why exactly do you think he'll do anything well on the council?


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