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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

POTW: Two regions

I didn't even notice this. mynnna pointed it out to me. Here's the EVE Influence map for yesterday. Have a look at the Empire regions:

Apparently, I get two regions. I think my favorite bit is that nobody would want Syndicate, Outer Ring, or Great Wildlands even if they could be conquered...

Very clever AFD joke!


  1. Aww, they should have gone for Gevlon Wildlands.

    1. That would've been perfect. Alas, a missed opportunity in an otherwise fantastic prank!

    2. They also missed Sindelcate.

      Next year?

  2. Nice to see that the 2, or is it 3, blue blankets all have different shades.

    What I want to know is precisely how much sov space was taken out of conflict with the deal betweens goons and PL. If you factor in cfc, pl, and BoT, how much of sov null sec will EVER see another sov fight?

    25%, 30%, tops?

  3. Damn Dinsdale, you're so grumpy. All the time!
    Do you ever have any fun?


    1. I used to have fun in the game. A ton of fun. Especially when I lived in wormholes. Then soundwave got in a stronger position of power, hired a bunch more null sec cartel lackeys, and the null sec cartels consolidated their position on the CSM, on the forums, and in the game.

      Since then, it has been a constant battle, a losing battle, to keep parts of the game good for the new players and high sec players.

      My only "fun" is to keep reminding people how good this game could be if CCP has the stones to fire all the null sec plants at CCP and crushed the RMT cartels.

      Presently, I am waiting for Star Citizen to actually go live, and I can enjoy the tears as CCP loses a sizable chunk of their player base, at which point maybe, just maybe, CCP will have to start reversing out the carnage they let the cartels wreak on the game.

    2. Just excuse Dinsdale, he's been stuck passing the EVE kidney stone for god knows how long.

      Also, if your hope is Star Citizen, well...at least you have some time to reflect on that. Maybe 3 or 4 years worth :)

    3. If you don´t get the joke (because it´s not April the 1st anymore), try this link: http://dl.eve-files.com/media/corp/verite/20140401.png

    4. I think Dinsdale is right. CCP is going to lose a sizeable EvE demographic that enjoys twitch combat with direct pitch, roll and yaw mouse controls in a forced first person cockpit enivronment. You know all three of them.

      Seriously though it will be like watching thousands upon thousands of people try to fly a jet for the first time in a battlefield game... atleast there won't be any menacing trees.

  4. Null is so utterly static, boring and useless.

    When is CCP going to realize that a deficit, not a surplus, of resources is what forces people to go to war? Make the Tech moons deplete faster and then regenerate at random somewhere else, after a suitable delay (say, a week). Make the mineral and ice roids less productive by 50%, and also change them to random regeneration. If the null alliances want to maintain their current revenue, then they are going to need to conquer their neighbors to do it.

    Then, just to make things more fun. make the gates in null damageable, with repair being both a very expensive and very slow process, requiring large numbers of active ships. As the gates get damaged, only smaller and smaller ships can use them - to the point where only frigs can pass through. And, force more null-to-high traffic to go via wormholes, by eliminating most of the static gates.


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