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Friday, April 4, 2014

QOTW: Dolan Standard Time

I would never have broken the NDA in this manner, but now that Malcanis has, I can quote him and not get into trouble. Right? OK, then. Quote of the week honors therefore goes to his post today about the Summit Minutes on FHC, a reply to Davion Falcon who wrote:
So Dolan is "better" at ensuring the minutes are out in a timely manner, at this rate it'll be the 20th anniversary when the minutes will be out when it's supposed to.
To which Malcanis replies:
Let me tell you about Dolan Standard Time
Yeah, that's a thing now. Happy weekend, everyone. ;-)


  1. Dolan is incompetent - always has been, always will be.

  2. I hope you're joking about this because god only knows what other utter meaningless bullshit they put under NDA if "Dolan Standard Time" - a funny phrase at best - is NDA'ed.

  3. Of course it's a joke. It's a small comment about Dolan's time management skills, referring to timezones (in the context of a multi-timezone game). The comment being under NDA is also a humorous (in the sense that it would be slightly absurd) addition by Ripard.

    Me explaining this is also funny, because Ripard's post seems rather obviously not to need an explanation.

    Of course if I'm wrong, it'll be a joke on me because I've spent effort explaining what I believe to be obvious, which if serious might be condescending.

    Thank you for your time.

  4. CCP Dolan Standard Time is CCP Standard Time -1 hour, with CCP Standard Time being Groundhog Day.

  5. *Just* under that post by Malcanis, someone, in that thread, posted a tl,dr version of the minutes: a list of things that CCP can't do, doesn't know what to do, won't do, will do but doesn't matter and will do and does matter. Malcanis' answer was "You pretty much covered it".

    Given his penchant for sarcasm and dry humor, I can't tell if he was being serious or not... was he?

    1. Oh, that one is GOOD, ley's bulletpoint it:

      "So the tl;dr from the minutes:

      *What CCP wants to do but doesn't have the tools for (NPCs, PvE, tournaments, gridlock),

      *things CCP has no idea what to do about (Getting rid of big TiDi fights, SOV rework),

      *things CCP are still in the design stages of really old problems they should have fixed years ago (corp roles/POSes),

      *there are things that don't really matter (yet) are the things CCP can fix (WHs, logi on KMs, etc.)

      *and then there are very few things CCP can do that actually matter which they have already announced (reprocessing, drones, etc).

      Did I miss anything?"

      Good summary.

    2. I don't like to deprive people of the satisfaction of working out the truth for themselves.

    3. Malca is: "I don't like to deprive people of the satisfaction of working out the truth for themselves."

      Poor CCP, they relied upon you CSM's to enlighten them on the truths blatantly beyond their grasp...

  6. "... because god only knows what other utter meaningless bullshit they put under NDA..."

    Jester knows .. which is why we get less than utter meaningless bullshit when he gives us his CSM status updates

  7. Jester, KSP update and/or sales pitch? Steam sale thru April 8.


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