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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Two strikes

Two quick Fanfest notes, both of which tickle me for different reasons.

The PLEX for Good charity stream that CCP put on back in early December fo Philippines typhoon relief included various fun one-off activities. One of these was a demonstration of close-quarters fighting that included CCP devs acting as sparring partners for Icelandic MMA star (and CCP-sponsored fighter) Gunnar Nelson. The CCP employees involved (who included CCP Guard and CCP Dolan) were good sports about being bent and twisted in various painful-looking configurations by the fighter.

It was a funny bit! I'm not an MMA watcher myself but it was interesting.

Anyway, CCP has decided to repeat the funny at Fanfest. After the second day's festivities but before the Pub Crawl with a Dev, CCP is advertising "EVE of Destruction." This event is advertised as a longer mirror of the charity stream event:
During EVE OF DESTRUCTION, Nelson will face off against CCP Games staff members and special guests in 10 back-to-back, one-versus-one wrestling matches in a fighting cage on loan from Mjölnir MMA Gym, his home training ground.
This tickles me because once it was announced that Nelson would be facing off against "special guests", one wag asked me if CCP had volunteered me to get my ass kicked in a cage match for the whole E1 thing. Plus one to you sir for the humor, minus 50 for wanting to get me killed, and the answer is "no, definitely not." ;-)

The other item on its face is not nearly so humorous, but my brain couldn't resist thinking about it in an odd way.

I'm not going to get into the politics of this, but because of a labor dispute airport workers at Keflavik International Airport are set to strike between 4am and 9am on April 25 and April 30, after striking today at the same time (they're on strike as I publish this). What day do most Fanfest attendees arrive? That's right, April 30. And that's the exact time that most flights from the U.S. land as well as a not insignificant number of flights from Europe. Keflavik International Airport is reporting there will be up to a four hour delay of outbound flights, but their website doesn't mention inbound flights.

Hopefully, the KEF website is accurate and inbound flights aren't affected. If the strike affects baggage handlers (this isn't specified by the KEF website), that's going to leave a lot of Fanfest attendees sitting in the baggage claim area awaiting bags. And here's the part where my brain is broken: the duty-free shop is right there, and this part of arrivals takes place in a large open area.

So all I could think of was dozens of spaceship nerds buying bottles of booze and starting the party early in the baggage claim area. Then buying another bottle of booze before actually leaving the baggage claim area and going through customs... kind of an amusing thought!

Fanfest in one week!

EDIT (23/Apr/2014): CCP has published a full description of Fanfest activities.


  1. Duty-Free shops are for buying stuff when you're on your way OUT, no? Also you should re-read the first sentence of this post. It needs some editing :)

    1. Bah! Second sentence, the one that starts with "During the PLEX for Good..."

  2. Fanfesters should join the workers in calling for Keflavik to settle the dispute. You *want* happy airport workers.

  3. They heard about the Summer industry changes and are striking against having to pay dies to CFC. Solidarity!

  4. It's a shame The Mittani doesn't step up and get into the ring. I'd pay a few $ to see his smug face get smashed in LOL.

    1. I would expect to see him win. If he were to get in the ring you know the fight would be fixed before hand.

    2. If you have seen The Mittani you would know that he is as soft as hot butter. The damage to his ego alone would be legendary, he would probably need therapy.

  5. I do so hope this strike ruins the time for a bunch of the null sec sycophants that head to this giant circle-jerk. Make no mistake, the vast majority of people that go to this are just assholes from the various cartels. I can think of no better irony than to see their trips being interdicted by a group that is quite deservedly flexing one of the few muscles they have in the collective bargaining process.

    1. Line Crossed.

      Many folks who attend are not members of any cartel. Plus, those cartel members to whom you refer, are the pilots in a game. The real people who are going to Iceland are not the same as the pilots.

      Furthermore, to even describe the majority of players who belong to certain corps and alliances as assholes is incorrect. These are not the decision makers for those alliances the in-game characters you despise. These are rank and file EvE players who love their game sufficiently to travel to Iceland to celebrate it.

      You wish to rally support against those who you believe are out to destroy your game, fine. But to make such a stupid and thoughtless comment utterly removes any credibility you might have had.

      This is coming from a hisec player, who has dabbled in WH space and losec. Who belongs to a tiny corp in a small alliance that will not have anything to do with the null-blocks. If anyone might have had some sympathy for the intent behind your rants, it could have been me.

      Save your ample supply of vitriol for the few minds behind the policies you despise, instead of applying a broad brush of hate to hundreds of travellers who do not have control over those policies.

    2. I would much rather go to Eve Vegas and rob these same assholes blind in the poker games.

    3. @Kung Lidi:

      Sorry, but if you are going to Fanfest, chances are you belong to one of the cartels. Yes, I do accept that some are not. Perhaps you are in that group. My old corp had 4 people go to one together, and we were not part of a null sec alliance at the time. But the vast majority that do go, ARE members of the cartels. It is not a matter of a few bad apples spoiling the bushel, but rather a few good apples found in a rotten bushel.

      Further, I do despise the people behind the in-game pilot, if I despise that pilot. The assholes always say "what I do in game does not reflect what I do in real life." I have never believed that, and never will. If you act like a jerk and sociopath in a game against other humans, that is how you would like to act in reality, given the chance.

    4. There are no cartels for them to belong to.

    5. @Kung Lidi

      thinking that dinsdale had any credibility left just shows you dont know this ass well enough. he is sodamn paranoid that he lead lined his tinfoil hat. the Pb is apparently now sinking into what is left of his brain. trying to understand him is only going to lead to headaches because looking into that little sanity will make anyone just a little less sane themselves.

      So are you also part of the nutjob group that believes violence in videogames causes violence in the real world? your Trgument comes quite close to the ones used by that ilk

      Peace: Teg

    6. BraverthananyoneelseApril 24, 2014 at 8:42 AM

      Dinsdale is right.
      What I learned as a LARP'er and Pen&Paper RPG Player is that most Players with Jerk Chars are also Jerks in Real Life.
      Only the best roleplayers are able to play something absolutly different than themself. At least for an extented period.

      When TheMittani tried to get TheWiz killed ... well I believe that was one of the few moments where his true personality was seen.

  6. Didn't you comment recently about how surprising it was that Eve players DON'T punch each other out at these events? You may get your chance to see that.

  7. If the airport employees still strike after FF is over and everyone wants to get back, does that mean the eve players will hellcamp the airport?

    Otherwise, I can fully understand why the employees strike, the wages for airport ground crews are usually terribly low.

  8. I'm just waiting for the Atlanta crews to do that. They're massively overworked, underpaid, and abused.

    Given their responsibilities, you really want them happy. If that means the CEO has to take a $15 million end-of-year bonus instead of a $50 million bonus, you make it happen.

  9. The strike on the 30th may not be just the morning. They were saying it would be a general strike starting that day if no deal was reached. Check with your airlines before flying.


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