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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Burn Jita 3.0 wrap-up

With all of my Fanfest posts out of the way and a few content posts that I wanted to talk about posted, I also want to get caught up with the results of Burn Jita. Tracking those results has become a bit of a tradition around here, so let's see how the Goons did, shall we?

In the following tables, "j" is a kill in the Jita system. "s" is Sobaseki, "S" is Sivala, "i" is Isanamo, "I" is Ikuchi, "n" is Niyabainen, "c" is New Caldari, "k" is Kusomonomon, "p" is Perimeter, "m" is Maurasi, "M" is Muvolailen, "v" is Veisto, "t" is Tunttaras, "o" is Outuni, "u" is Urlen, and "U" is Uemisaisen.

Burn Jita 1.0 was good for 53 freighter kills and 12 JF kills, a grand total of 65:
Friday:jjuuj jijjj pppps pjjjj
Saturday:  jjspj jpksj jjjsj jjjjj jjvsj
Sunday:jjjjp jjjjs jjsjs jjpjp

Burn Jita 2.0 was good for 147 freighter kills and 12 JF kills, a grand total of 159:
Friday:jjjjj jjjjj jjjjS jjjIj jjjjj nj
Saturday:   jjjcj jjjjk jjjjj jjsjj ujjjj jsppc jjjjj mjjjj jjpjj jjjjj jjsjp jjjjj pjjj
Sunday:cjjjj jppjj jjjsj jjjjj jjIjj jjjjj jjjjp pjjjp jppcj jjjjp jj
Monday:cpjjj jvUIj jjujp j

And finally, Burn Jita 3.0 racked up 139 freighters and 16 JFs, a grand total of 155:
Friday:jjjjj jjjpj jjjtj jjjjj
Saturday:  jjjjj jjjjs sjjjj jjjjM jjjjj jpjjj jpjjj pjjjj ojjpj jjpjc Mjjj
Sunday:jjjsp jcjjp upjjj pppjs Isjjj jjjsj jsjpj jjpjj jjjjj jjj
Monday:jpjjj jjjjj jjjpp jjjpj jjsMj jjijj jjj

The festivities kicked off at 1144 EVE time on Friday, 25 April and as usual, Jita was the focus for the first several kills. But word seems to have spread much quicker this year than last. Only eight freighters died in the initial rush and by 1700, hunting had moved to the surrounding systems. The first day saw 20 freighter and JF kills, compared to 16 in year one and 27 in year two. Things proceeded much more satisfactorily for the Goons on Saturday, with 25 or so kills before DT. But things again slowed down during EUTZ culminating in 54 kills for the day on Saturday... again less than last year. Probably for lack of targets, the carnage turned to Orcas, resulting in several good kills which I won't (for consistency's sake) include in my tally.

Sunday before DT livened things up with a bit of a hat trick: all four types of jump freighters killed in quick succession: an Anshar in Perimeter at 0249, an Ark and a Rhea in Jita at 0404 and 0429, and a Nomad in Perimeter at 0456. Again, about 25 ships were killed before DT, and again things slowed down for the EUTZ. By Sunday afternoon USTZ, Goons were begging in Local for freighters to undock stating that they were leaving. The day ended with 47 kills (compared to 52 last year).

Then things got slightly ticklish. Last year, Burn Jita wrapped up by DT or so (Sunday night USTZ) and through the rest of the "day" Monday there were few or no freighter kills. That technically resulted in 16 kills on "Monday" last year, the vast bulk of which actually happened Sunday night USTZ. This year, the freighter-ganking continued well into Monday EUTZ, and the final gank wasn't conducted until 2008 in Jita, a Charon. This inflated the score slightly, with 33 kills on the "final" day. As this event grows older, I think we can expect it to extend farther and farther into the following week. There were a few here and there that muttered darkly that the Goons, dissatisfied with their "score", were extending things until the hit the target that they wanted to.

A cynical man might say that target was "more kills than last year." Op success.

As noted above, the one area where the culling was an unqualified success was in jump freighter kills, with 16 total, four more than last year and the year before:
Friday:Anshar, Ark, Nomad
Saturday:    Rhea, Rhea, Rhea, Anshar
Sunday:Anshar, Ark, Rhea, Nomad, Anshar, Rhea, Nomad
Monday:Rhea, Ark

Finally, I have included in the tally four freighter that were ganked for either genius or wonton stupidity, you decide. Each decided to try their luck at profiting from Burn Jita by scooping the wrecks of other destroyed freighters. By doing so, each either knowingly or unknowingly declared themselves suspect and were open prey for all. Perhaps they figured with the gank ships getting blapped off the field, they could get away successfully. Perhaps they were counting on scoop-and-dock. Whatever they were counting on it didn't work. A few might have succeeded at this tactic, but that four did not. Better luck next year!

On that topic and unlike last year and in keeping with my recent decision to try not to publicize people dying stupidly, I'm going to skip publicizing individual loss mails. If you died, you (hopefully) know what you did wrong and why it was wrong. If you insist on looking into the carnage, the amusingly-named site isjitaburning.com includes a ship by ship tally of losses, values, and pilots. If it's numerical analysis you want, Gevlon Goblin has done some but be warned his post has an almost unnatural amount of "grr Goons" mixed in with the graphs and links.

Overall, I believe the Goons can count the event as a success. The very fact that 150 freighters died in an event that was publicized in advance and then kept dying despite jumping into systems with dozens of "flashies" in local speaks to the obliviousness of the typical freighter pilot. That said, it must be noted that this year's event was much less publicized -- and warned about! -- than last year. Last year, CCP included in-client warnings of the event and word spread much more widely and well while the event was going on. This year, if CCP issued one of their "traffic advisories", I missed it. As I noted a few days ago, the current EVE Launcher lacks the capability to display "emergency" messages during log-in.

So, as I said, a successful event for the Goons and ample reason to continue the tradition next year!


  1. I *know* some of the freighters were trolls. One pilot I am familiar with advertised a service where 'he' would haul stuff into/out of jita for you because no one was ganking him.

    When 'he' finally was ganked (after about 2 hours of trying), he had a single double wrapped civilian mining laser in his cargo. The freighter was also platinum insured.

    On 4 seperate occasions, the offer was made for ransom to be paid. As the purpose was to lose the freighter, the ransom was not paid. And 100 goons out of action for a reset.

    There was no CCP advisory this year, though I did have several players warn me.

    From the launcher, the advert slot in the bottom left; or the 'MOTD' could be used for the messages if CCP wanted to.

    1. Luckily for us though plenty of people did pay their ransoms. We even had a few guys manage to make a few billion from collateral from failed courier contracts too, always good.

      You do have to ask though, if you are throwing away about 400m to purposely lose a freighter to gankers, is it really trolling? There's a reason we happily ganked empty freighters, it's because it's nearly impossible to stop being KB green with a freighter gank, then on top of that, the ships were free anyway, and some groups were actually being paid SRP on top of their free catalysts. All from an event you can run alongside your afktar in null. Good times. Bring on the "trolling" again next year, thanks.

    2. You could always make it a seasonal event. Burn Jita, Burn Rens, Burn Amarr, Burn Dodixie. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. :)

    3. Lucas Kell

      Ahh, the dumb comments of a ganker.

      If the freighter kill is on a killboard then it was lost in PvP. The ships lost to CONCORD count as PvP losses. If they do not, then they were not evolved in PVP.

      To more simply put it, if you got a loss mail you lost your ship.


    4. Yeah Lucas Kell, and minerals for the freighter are for free.

      Carebear logic from a goon.
      Burn Jita is not about winning or losing, its about demonstrating power. If freighter pilots laughing in your face and ask you to lose another 100 catalyst against their 'pvp' freighter than you clearly now showing power.

      So, yeah, it is 100% trolling you, it becomes just much sweeter if you do not get that the joke was on you.

    5. Anon: I don't get what you are trying to say. By KB green, I mean that the number of catalysts to kill an empty freighter still means that even with a freighters insurance taken into account, the freighter pilot loses more isk. An insured empty freighter works out to lose you about 400m when killed, and can be killed in a 0.9 with < 200m in catalysts.

      Tenris: Not sure which part of my post was carebear logic

      And put the other way, when a freighter pilot goes "trol lol lol, I paid 400m to make you use your T1 catalysts ganking me!", you can surely see why the gankers don't consider it trolling, especially when they get paid for each ship they lose to a gank. We don't care if it's full, empty, got a double wrapped hooker, it really doesn't matter.

      If you want to carry on and you get a warm fuzzy feeling thinking you are somehow making us sad by getting yourselves blown up, then by all means proceed, it's more targets on the field. In reality, the only way you can troll gankers is to stop showing up. the day we turn up for Burn Jita and there's nothing to shoot, that's the sad day.

  2. The launcher continues to deliver.

    Also, is that a real honest-to-goodness spam comment by David hussey at the top there? First time I've seen one of those here.

  3. Interesting analysis/recap Jester. However, I wouldn't refer to the 154 as "typical freighter pilots" - maybe unique or special, but not typical... ;)

  4. When this years Burn Jita started I made the comment that I could not understand how people keep getting caught in this and slagged, why someone would not at least pay passing attention to the events in EVE to secure multi-billion ISK ships and cargo. Another commenter replied asking if I needed to use a dictionary to do a crossword puzzle. I get the allusion he made, and no I would not normally use a dictionary to do a crossword puzzle. But if the dictionary were to inform me that on date X at time Y someone was going to sneak up behind me and hit me in the head with a crowbar and then steal my wallet while I was doing a crossword puzzle, well, I might skim a dictionary on a regular basis. Again, I always gobsmacked at the large number of people who get ganked in these types of events.

    1. It just proves how many players in Eve are completely disassociated with the toxic political workings, and want no part of the forums either. These are the "casual players" that goons and CCP tel us have no value in the game.

      I wonder how many players quit the game over this annual travesty? We will never know, but it will pale compared to when the industrial changes hit. The same people who were unaware of Burn Jita because they just go about daily business bothering no one are equally unaware of how much their game is being mangled with the industrial overhaul, and are not going to take kindly to it. But hey, the cartels have convinced / coerced CCP into believing the subs that will be lost are just those of casual players who would have left the game soon anyway.

      This is, of course, madness.

    2. The only people that will quit over the industry changes are players who fundamentally don't understand industry.

    3. @Anon 7:05 Or people who don't have the time invest in adapting to the changes. it's a lot like starting over an industry set up that took hours a week to run is now going to take hours a day for the next few weeks/months to re-establish.

      It's the easy and smart decision to just let those subs lapse until the account owners have the time to invest in rebuilding their manufacturing centers supply chains and data.

    4. It's going to take time to set back up? That's news to me. Under the new system it looks like it will be way easier to run industry, and the most amount of set up there will be is shifting to a new location, which can happen under the current system if the queues get full. I think people like Dinsdale just panic easily.

  5. Chat in Burn Jita was kinda funny. I showed up on Friday for a few hours just to watch the spectacle and read some mutual trolling between Goons and Gevlon. Which is how I qualify success of the event as an outsider. It made me smile.

  6. I know, it has nothing to do with the subject of this post, but you really should watch this video. Amazingly captures the beauty of New Eden.

    Other Places: New Eden (EVE Online)

  7. "A cynical man might say that target was "more kills than last year." Op success."

    "Burn Jita 2.0 was good for 147 freighter kills and 12 JF kills, a grand total of 159"
    "And finally, Burn Jita 3.0 racked up 138 freighters and 16 JFs, a grand total of 154"

    Maybe I'm just really bad at math, but the last time I checked, 154<159.

  8. "... a successful event for the Goons and ample reason to continue the tradition next year..."

    Not likely, unless the Goons want to gank themselves.

    After the industry changes, Jita won't be necessary to null sec industry. And without null, Jita won't remain a high-sec hub. And, there probably won't be all that many high-sec industry players left to gank, anyways.

    1. lol. Learn to EVE. Jita won't suddenly cease because industry is being made in partly viable in null. There's not going to be hundreds of complete industry pockets all over null supplying everything people need, and bulk demands are unlikely to be met in 99% of null. Then beyond that, there's enough trade outside null to keep the markets going, as well as the ease of supply that high sec has to keep the prices nice and low.


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