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Thursday, May 22, 2014

COTW: Five ships

Easy Esky had a really interesting "desert island question" in my "Hangar" post:
If I could only own five hulls - which would I choose?
His choices are sadly burdened by mining ships. But to his credit all of his choices were either green hulls or based on green hulls. On the spur of the moment, my immediate response was "Rapier, Loki, Crow, Heretic, Cynabal". The first four are easy. Not only are they my four favorite ships to PvP in right now, each of them has secondary benefits that make them pretty good universal ships:
  1. Rapier: cloaky, good scan platform, good scouting platform, can covert cyno;
  2. Loki: probably the most versatile T3, good in shield or armor, good in leadership, good at cloaky ganks, decent 1v1 ship, decent in PvE;
  3. Crow: excellent scouting platform, excellent frigate roamer, good mobility platform, good for moving clones around; and,
  4. Heretic: most versatile bubbler, can be fit for bubbling or gank, can do low-level PvE in a pinch.
The fifth one is trickier.

I complained in my "Not Hangar" post that there will soon be at least seven ships fitting into a "shield plus skirmishing range" DPS role: Cynabal, Thorax, Stratios, Ishtar, Cerberus, Vagabond, and soon the Orthrus. So my last would definitely be one of these seven. But which one? The Cynabal has a lot of advantages and was my spur of the moment choice in reply to the comment. But on reconsideration, I think the Thorax would be my 5th instead. It's about 80% as good as the Cynabal in the skirmishing DPS role, but it can be rail or blaster fit, armor or shield, throw-away or tank. It's a pretty good 1v1 ship, and it's T1 and therefore insurable. There should be at least one T1 ship in my list of five.

Plus I realized I refused to make such a list without having at least one hull that was green and potentially covered in blasters. ;-)

So that's my amended list: Rapier, Loki, Crow, Heretic, Thorax.

What say you, Dear Reader? What would your list of five be? Why? Oh and just for grins, I'm going to add a side rule: you only get to pick one of the four T3s. It would be way too easy to pick all four T3s and then some random fifth ship. Thanks to Easy for the interesting question!


  1. Oh tough one.

    1. Loki - the only T3 that is equally good in armour or shield flavour - I think I own 3 right now. I can also scan with it.
    2. Armageddon - I live in a wormhole, I need a battleship to crash holes - this can do double duty capping out carriers as well.
    3. Prowler. Wormhole again. Neet to get my loot to market.
    4. Venture. Gas mining in wormholes is one of my primary sources of income. Also bait venture never gets old!
    5. Vexor. I need one cheap pvp ship there, Vexors can fit armour or shield and work at a variety of engagement ranges. It's my go to "jump in a ship and warp to me now" ship.

  2. Legion, Stratios, Astero, Crow, Talwar.

    Legion; honestly, the Legion is the worst of the T3s, and outperformed in many roles by other T3s. However, I'm fond of mine, which I've used in combination with a cloak to run out to parts unknown to hit booster sites and engage in other shenanigans. I'm looking forward to it getting buffed when T3s hit the rebalance stage.

    Stratios; cloaky, excellent DPS, excellent tank. This'll be my go-to hunting ship in lowsec when all the new lowsec exploration content hits in Kronos.

    Astero; cloaky, tanky, etc. My hacking character graduated into one of these so that I can pop random poorly-skilled explorers that might try to run the same site. While this runs risk of my getting baited, the number of times I've seen hacking ships and wanted to pop them when I flew my Buzzard...

    Crow; fast, pointy, you know the drill. It's just fun to fly!

    Talwar; It's dated as a doctrine, but it's still sort of hilarious for small gang stuff when you have E-UNI as a neighbor.

  3. Tar-Palantir is approaching this as "5 ships between all your characters" not "5 ships per alt" as the latter approach makes the 5 ship limit pretty meaningless.

    Malediction - Tar-Palantir's most beloved Interceptor. Have always focused more on speed/agility and tackle range than damage, so even after the recent changes to the Crow, still prefer the Malediction for gang/fleet work. Hate losing the Crow and the Crusader but you gotta choose.

    Heretic - Fleets need dictors, nothing more to say really. Could easily use a Sabre instead, not much of a preference. Tar-Palantir finds both very versatile. For the flying Tar-Palantir has been in, tank/reps have generally been irrelevant - a dictor isn't going to get reps in the kinds of small gangs or large fleets Tar-Palantir flies in (and obviously not in solo work). However, if you have to choose, always go with a ship from the Golden Fleet.

    Purifier - hard choice between this and an Anathema. Hate losing the probing bonus, but a bombers 5 high slots give you more options - importantly the ability to fit covert cloak, probe launcher, covert cyno, AND normal cyno (offline of course). Also good for solo camping/hunting along hostile alliance traffic lanes. Can even engage ships that believe bombers to be easy kills (Dictors come to mind) if flown properly. For Tar-Palantir's preferred targets, prefer having the EM damage. Will miss all the mid-slots on the Nemesis though.

    Prorator - if Tar-Palantir can only have 5 ships, one is going to be a hauler. You have to move supplies around somehow. If you can only select 1 hauler, Blockade Runners are the most versatile, if very limited in cargo space. Would be happy with a Viator as well, but you get slightly more cargo in a Prorator. Might also be part sentimental - Tar-Palantir's first hauler was a Sigil gifted to him by an older player during his 2nd week in Eve. Would be fun to have a gank hauler (Nersus for instance) but... yeah, need that blockade runner to get around Null-sec.

    Zealot - Technically, this is in an alts hangar (see note at top). An old love for Snipe Zealots from the Snipe HAC and Snipe Battleship era (long gone now - "thank you" instant fleet probing). Can still be used effectively to pick off tackle and bombers. Obviously it has all the normal aHAC options as well, though Tar-Palantir doesn't particularly enjoy those. Never been a big fan of in your face brawling. Really not the most practical of choices. Tar-Palantir assumes a T3 could do all of this better since for everything including cost T3 > HAC from Tar-Palantir has read/seen (never actually flown one despite having the skills for them for... 2.5 years now). Was tempted to put in a really hard to probe "coward" fit snipe Tengu though...

    Amarr Victor!

    Scout, tackle, aggress, suicide warp-in point, die.
    your humble Interceptor pilot

    1. Love Tar - keep rocking hero! The Golden Fleet Victor...

      Miss you guys already.


  4. In no particular order: stabber, tengu, crusader, condor, prospect. The reasons should be obvious, but I'll add that every list should have one T3 cruiser and one interceptor.

  5. 1. Rokh - love that ship
    2. Nidhoggur - just a pretty ship
    3. HEL - my reason for playing EVE
    4. Machariel - because it looks somewhat like the new Galactica
    5. The new Moa - and name it "Serenity"

  6. Domi, Vexor, Thorax, Procurer, Nereus - all green.

  7. 1. Nemesis - Sneaky
    2. Arazu - Sneaky and tackly
    3. Thorax - My favorite cruiser hull <3 And blasters.
    4. Dominix - I've grown to like my little Sentry friends
    5. Kronos - Awesome tank and blinking around is fun, too

  8. Loki - it does everything well

    Thorax - shield/nano fit with basters. It's fast, cheap and packs a punch

    Dramiel - got armor and shield fits, auto cannons and arty, they all work great

    Cynabal - what's not to love?

    Dominix - Best PVE boat in EVE. 60KM range on bonuses Garde II's, need I say more?!

  9. While I like a lot of these lists I'd have add an Orca. I've taken my Orca every where from HS to W-space. It's just so handy to be able to haul my stuff and a couple of rigged ships. In W-space logging off in an Orca filled with my most valuble loot has saved me from numerous corp thefts, and a siege where we lost the POS and most of it's contents. Not to mention the times I've used it for bait. So much that I've named it the Obvious Trap...

  10. If i was your shrink, i would say you have a fixation with pointy things......but luckily im not.

  11. Ishtar - Mine's armor, but shield also works quite well. Great PVE and PVP, perfect for POS bashing. Very multipurpose.
    Oneiros - Can solo rep with dual LASBs or pair up with an armor fit, it's hard to find an armor fleet this doesn't fit in.
    Helios - Most of my life is spent probing
    ...Really, I could handle all my play right there. For grins:
    Proteus - As a good cloaky tackler, strong brawler, and a ranged point, these are seldom a poor choice.
    Eos: My favorite link ship. Oddly, this thing ends up on the top of applied damage charts and I have no idea why. By the numbers our 3-link fit should be at 80% the applied damage of a variety of our other ships, but it doggedly finds itself at the top.

  12. 1. Caldari Navy Hookbill
    2. Vengeance
    3. Armageddon
    4. Sacrilege
    5. Vexor

    Based on my current flying patterns of course

  13. ah my fifteen minutes.

    Reliable and cheap - I am looking forward to the larger drone bay.

    Multi-purpose hauler. warp travel is watching paint dry. and whilst I can fly freighter - my own goal of the exercise if I had to choose.

    I fly a shield tanked one. and I love my drones. this hull introduced me to the fun of sentries when only had 75 bandwidth. I used to fit gang links sometimes. I occasionally get out an Eos - but this ship has a special feeling for me.

    omni damage is just a different drone. my mission boat

    and Oneiros.
    you bend em, I mend em. I have not done much in Incursions these days. But I can be found in one these. I carry a mobile depot for on-the-fly drone changes. A set of shield, armor, hobs and salv, If or when I go back, I might add hull drones.

  14. Ishtar, Tengu, Thanatos, Crow and Raven

  15. 1) Orca. Arguably the best ship in EVE in terms of 'doing what it's meant to do'. I've lived out of a cloaked Orca in w-space in the past, which was interesting, used them to setup towers (or once, to steal a tower), run them through lowsec, hauled for 20-man mining fleets, you name it (so long as it doesn't have to shoot anyone).
    I very nearly said Fenrir, but there's nothing the Fenrir can do that the Orca can't do in a dozen trips...

    2) Proteus. If I only get one T3, it's the one that does 400DPS when fit as a salvager. I mean, I could come up with other reasons, but honestly, it's all about the flight of heavy drones assigned to the web-bunny while I haul in the wrecks and get all those tasty blue tags, confident in battlehsip EHP and bubble immunity.

    3&4) Basi and Guardian. I don't think these need much explaining: sometimes things need to not die.

    5) HYPERION. It's a gorgeous hull, got PvP uses, and is genuinely good at PvE. If I only get one ship to do L4s in, it'd be the Hype. It's so damn Battleship, I sometimes genuinely get chlls when I board one. It still annoys me that the Kronos is a T2 hype in stats but not hull.

    (Interesting that 4 of the 5 are fleet co-op ships as I fly them, and the other is just the one L4 capable battleship I'd be happiest looking at all the time).

  16. Sleipnir, Tengu, Stiletto, Maelstrom, Mammoth

  17. Tengu - I just love the ship.
    Stratios - The cloaky workhorse of mine. Can do exploration and combat. Love it.
    Golem - A ship that both makes a mess and cleans it too. I also happen to be fond of this platypus of the battleships.
    Orca - good hauler and looks good.
    Fifth is hard one to choose. I like Nestor for some reason. Other ships can do everything it does better, but I still like it. I also could choose Moa, which I like... both old and new looks included. I could choose Procurer, which is the mining ship I use the rare times I mine something. But... I happen to like also smaller ships (frigates, destroyers), so I will choose Worm as my fifth ship.

  18. Thinking about my list, I realize how much I value flexibility in my ships.
    1. Dramiel- Armor or shield, close or far, always fast
    2. Hurricane- once again, shield or armor, brawl or skirmish, PvP or PvE, utility high
    3. Prowler- I don't really transport in anything else. Haven't lost one yet.
    4. Machariel- I love you, you pay my rent...
    5. Loki- I think previous posters have cover it.

  19. Loki, Thanatos, Vexor, Crow, Phobos

    Loki is just so versatile, it scans, it cloaks, it brawls, it snipes, it slices, it dices, and all for only 9 easy payments of 9,99!

    Thanatos will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the ship I looked at as a newbie and thought; "I gotta fly that shit". Now that I do, I cannot bare the thought of never being able to fly it again.

    Vexor, its cheap, its cute, it works. I love my drones, and even though its lost its grin, it'll always be the cheshire cat of my little fleet.

    Crow is an awesome interceptor. Before the model update I would have been torn between this and a Taranis. After Kronos though I think this will be my go-to interceptor.

    Phobos. Because bubbles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7IYR_rELyE I love my bubbles, and the phobos is my favorite bubbler, and not just because its ribbed for their pleasure...


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