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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fanfest day three: Leave-taking

Don't worry, I still have two and probably three more FF posts to finish, and I will do so: one on day two and one or two on day three.

But before I get to finish those, it's time to head back to Keflavik for the flight out of Iceland. And I'm feeling a tiny bit introspective.

This is the close of my fourth trip to Iceland in 13 months. Attending Fanfest last year really felt like a one-off special occasion at the time. I'm not usually one for attending gaming conventions and I mostly attended last year so that I could meet and talk to lots of my readers. The three following trips were paid for by CCP. Outside my hotel room window, they're taking down the flags outside Harpa. The ringing of those flagpoles in the northern winds will probably forever be the sound of Fanfest for me.(1) Will I be back?

I've always been really good at recognizing when I wasn't going to see a place or a person again... not quite a sixth sense, but close enough for government work. When I left California as a young man, I knew in my heart I'd be back. Almost 20 years later, I was, and am. When I left Connecticut and Texas for the last time after long stints living in both places, I felt I wouldn't be back (true so far). There are other places I've been and lived that I know I will return to someday: Portland, Oregon tops the list.

And now looking out over the Reykjavik harbor, I know this is only "so long for now." I'll be back here one day.

Next year for Fanfest? A future Fanfest? A future term on the CSM? Who knows? But I know this isn't my last time walking these streets.

So... so long for now, Reykjavik! See you soon.

(1) And I'm stunned that nobody stole one overnight. ;-)


  1. You know she's dead, right? But it hurts too much to agree that EVE has seen the writing on the wall.

    May God wish that Valkyrie gives CCP a good fix of money, because EVE can't pull the weight of CCP no more.

    1. I think I heard this same post like 8 years ago........

    2. Fans will deny until the day the plug is pulled.

    3. Netcraft confirms it: Eve is dying.

    4. "EVE has seen the writing on the wall."

      Yes, and it says go nullsec or go away.

    5. If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one there to hear it, can I have your stuff?

      *Every* game dies, folks. That writing was on the wall before the Danger Game was released. Y'all can go on being wrong until the inevitable day that you are right, but no credit for prognostication will be given.

  2. I have a pretty good sense about those things too. Like the time I left my grandfather's house and I knew it would be for the last time. I scratched off a small piece of brick for memory's sake. By the time I got back to that town the house had been sold and strangers had already been calling it home for 5 years. The day I left and said goodbye to the place I knew it would be the last time I'd ever be there.

  3. You'll be back, even if we have to clone you.
    The game will never be over, because we are keeping the dream alive

  4. Without the huge focus towards the Gaming Media instead of the Customers, or any disappointing announcements like WoD being cancelled and Dust514 going on life support.

    Fanfest 2015 can perhaps, with that total solar eclipse, be a real treat to experience for the fans that haven't gone yet to Iceland, thinking about it to now to:)

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date and all the hours you put in CSM8.

    Regards, a Freelancer

  5. Jester I'd like to give you a huge shout out man! It's been a blast reading your post about the game we all love. Have a safe trip home. o7

  6. Someone has stolen a flag just fyi. Expect a twitter account to be made when the perpetrators return to their country of origin (I.e. it wasn't PL's local guy who conducted the snuff box flag steal)

    1. Hee! OK, I'll keep an eye out. If I miss it, please send me an EVE mail with a pointer!

      I WAS very surprised they left those flags up overnight.

    2. CCP ought to be auctioning off those flags.

  7. You do a grand job. Don't be sad but remember how much you have enjoyed it.

    Going back isn't necessary.

  8. Colorado is ready to liberate you from California. Just send us a notice and we'll send to a team to ex-filtrate you and your family.


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