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Sunday, May 18, 2014

QOTW: Don't post angry

Quote of the week honors goes to CCP Logibro, who this week removed CPM member Nova Knife from that body. He had two versions of the post doing so:
First version:
Effective immediately, CPM member Nova Knife has been removed from the Council of Planetary Management. He has been removed for gross incompetence and an inability to professionally and diplomatically work with other council members and CCP.
Second version:
Effective immediately, CPM member Nova Knife has been removed from the Council of Planetary Management. He has been removed due to an inability to professionally and diplomatically work with other council members and CCP.
In a word, whoops! Don't post angry.

A hint about writing: it's nearly never a good idea to go with your first draft. Out of the thousands and thousands of words that I've written on this blog, I've written thousands and thousands more that have never seen and will never see the light of day. Whenever I write a post, particularly a "message" post, I always write it then set it aside and let it ferment for a day or two. Then I pull it back up and I rewrite the thing. In addition, I've written at least a dozen full blog posts that on review, I decided not to publish at all.

Most of these are rejected because on the rewrite they still come off as too aggressive, too negative, or too insulting. As the first version of Logibro's post did. Yes, it came off all three.

Now I've worked with Logibro and there are few nicer people working at CCP. It seems clear that he's taken over for CCP Dolan in the responsibility of overseeing the CPM and he's a logical choice. In particular, he did a fantastic job at the CSM Winter Summit earlier in the year and as a result, got terrific exposure to how a player council should work. So I have no doubts that over time, he'll be terrific at the CPM coordination job. But a good start this is not.

The most obvious issue with this post is that someone who has been on the CPM for 13 months can hardly be accused of "gross incompetence". And later in the thread, Logibro addressed that and changed his first post to the "second version" above:
The incompetence referred to in the first post is due to an inability to professionally and diplomatically work with other council members and CCP. There's no actual incompetence beyond that. I've reworded it a bit to better reflect the actual situation.
Er... no. This hardly makes it better. It would have been better to simply say "the accusation of gross incompetence was made in the heat of the moment and for that I apologize." This attempt to spin it... not so good.

Logibro goes on to say that "this action was not taken in response to a single incident, but instead actions over a longer period of time." Now rumor has it that the catalyst of this action was this post written by Nova Knife in response to a "farewell to DUST 514" post by CPM member Kain Spero. Nova's post begins with the word "Snark" and then escalates from there to this:
[Kane] could be described as a mindless parrot regurgitating the opinions of those he speaks to who are much more intelligent than he is... even if he doesn't fully understand those opinions. This has led to him rapidly changing position on key issues throughout the year, to the point where he even argues against his own points when one turns around and switches perspectives.
Yikes! OK, that escalated quickly. And yeah, this ripping to shreds of a colleague is clearly uncalled for. And it's certainly true that Nova has never been shy about sharing his opinion of people...

All that said, did Nova deserve this? In my opinion... no.

I've interacted with the guy on and off for the bulk of the CPM term. And while he's aggressive and as sharp as his name in dealing with people -- that much of Logibro's accusation is certainly true! -- he's also been a knowledgeable and valuable member of the team. This guy has served with honor on CPM0 and I've seen him reap some really nice compliments for it from people right up to the most senior members of CCP management. Is he tough on them? Hell yes! But does he celebrate their successes when they get it right? Yes, that too!

Nova could have been slapped down and made to apologize for his conduct toward Kain (who I also respect for his CPM work) without this public smiting. In particular, it's pretty clear that Nova also posted angry when responding to Kain. The guy, after all, was announcing his departure from DUST 514 and I strongly suspect that colored Nova's perceptions when he replied. There wasn't really any need for Logibro to rush to judgment here; sitting on it for a day or two wouldn't have made any difference. That's something Dolan always got right: he sometimes made a tentative decision, then set it aside to think about it for a day or two. And then, sometimes, he changed his mind. I wish Logibro had taken the time to do that. Nova could have been removed from or sidelined from the CPM without this public display of anger.

In the big picture, Nova deserved an honorable discharge from his CPM duties and now he won't get that. I really like all three people involved in this mess. But how this was handled was definitely not ideal.

And that's a real shame. Don't post angry.


  1. So another dumb PR move by a CCP employee, just add it to the list. Someone has the balls to tell CCP they are tards and other members of the same committee he serves on are idiots, and he gets tossed as incompetent and does not play well with others. Can't have a someone around with an opinion violently opposed to the corporate groupspeak, especially if that person is willing and very capable of expressing that opinion.

    No wonder CCP just loves the null cartel CSM. A virtually unified voice telling them "It's OK, those high sec pubbies with their deathscream are going to go away soon enough. Just cover your ears, have a beer, and we will guide you with all the changes that are needed to make Eve glorious."

    Oh, and if I ever needed another reason to never run for the CSM, CCP's actions just provided it. I think someone campaigning on being as obstructionist as possible to slow down the null sec cartels would be either be tossed from the CSM as soon as possible, or banned from being elected outright.

    Tell me, how does CCP justify ejecting someone who is clearly passionate about his game, and served for 13 months, while never says a peep about folks like the 2nd goon guy on CSM8, who from all I can read did nothing?

    Who is more incompetent?

    1. Contrary to evidence, it is possible to have strong opinions (even diverging from the group) and make arguments without the name calling.

      Oh, and about you running for CSM, the only leverage any rep ever had on the developers is trust; and it isn't granted, it is earned on an individual basis. It isn't the obstructionist part, you'd be ineffective so long you don't start by building the required trust first.

  2. My favorite part is how they will get rid of someone who doesn't work well with others on the committee but they will let the elected members publicly talk shit to the their customers and encourage them to stop playing the game. Or even gloat over changes that aren't popular. CCP must be run by some really incompetent folks to let this sort of stuff stand.

  3. IMO anyone who immerses themselves in DUST to the extent that they become meta-game politicians and cheerleaders on a player "advisory council"..... any one who does that cannot be described as "sharp". The blind leading the blind.

  4. Yawn... another trivial issue from Jester. And, not a peep about the freighter nerf, about which the gankers are rejoicing.

    But, then, CSM8 probably was responsible for this latest take-it-in-the-ass to industry players that is prompting even more of them to leave the game... as if the ill-considered industry changes were not enough.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It is called "head in the sand", mate.

      Jester campaigned to be on CSM8 in order to make the game better for everyone, and now more players are leaving the game than ever before. He does not want to see it, especially since he knows he had a hand in it.

      I knew one of the fellows who were responsible for the "exploding gas tank" design for the old Pinto. To his dying day, he insisted that there was nothing wrong with the design and that the deaths were due entirely to driver negligence. He could never admit to his own responsibility - not because he was a "bad" man, but because he could not make it through the rest of his days caryying the guilt.

    3. "What freighter nerf? Weren't they getting rigs, actually?"

      Yes, they got rigs, but both the capacity and tank were signficantly reduced. If you want to get back the capacity or the tank to current values, you need to fit very expensive T2 capital rigs (which only an insane person would put on a freighter). And, even with T2 righs, you cannot get back both capacity and tank - only one or the other.

    4. So freighters got iterated to favor gankers and make life even more miserable to freighter pilots? Qwaletee dezinn in action!

    5. As someone with Freighter Five, its not something I welcome. Particularly since I use the ship to move minerals. It's yet another push to POS ownership and ore compression. Freighters have garnered attention thanks to pilots making poor decisions to overfill with expensive cargo. Although I doubt this change will educate anybody.

      The real issue is that by needing to fit rigs I can no longer afford to fly the ship. Tech2 rigs will be needed to put the ship back to the pre-nerf; close to doubling the price of being in space. And I can only insure for the hull.

  5. CCP has already publicly admitted that DUST is effectively dead, so who cares?

  6. So freighters got iterated to favor gankers and make life even more miserable to freighter pilots? Qwaletee dezinn in action!

    1. Yes, actually.

      I'm not a ganker. I tried it for a bit, in hopes of monetizing on all that sec status hours of ratting or missioning to afford ships got me... But I found it entirely too boring, even compared to said ratting and missioning. It's like fishing... Some people LIKE hours of peace and quiet, looking and waiting for that fat catch.... And I'm not one of them...

      I AM an occasional freighter pilot, though... And hisec freightering as is is just TOO safe. As long as I'm not on the Jita-Amarr pipe, I feel perfectly safe AFKing it, basically no matter what my cargo is.

      This is NOT good game design. Good to see that they finally came around to nerfing it, even though it'll occasionally inconvenience me.

    2. "'m not a ganker. I tried it for a bit..."

      That makes you a *failed" ganker, but a ganker, nonetheless, in personality and attitude.

      However, the fact that you "occasionally" fly a freighter doesn't make you a hauler pilot.

  7. When I read the post of Nova Knife getting the axe (insert rimshot!) I thought to myself, "When will CCP hire a PR director who reviews things like this, especially when it's bad news?" Sheesh.


    1. Ishtanchuk FazmaraiMay 18, 2014 at 2:54 PM

      I think they have a PR & marketing Director, who's also doubling as Executive Producer for EVE Online.

      I swear you, I'm truly smiling. There is no hint of a sarcastical grin on my face...

  8. in Canada using the term "gross incompetence" can get you in court....I hope CCP can prove "gross incompetence"

    1. CCP Logibro's comment was quite freudian.

    2. CCP Logibro is quite an idiot, as shown by how he has managed everything in the Dust forums since the fanfest.

      Iron Wolf Saber, Jenza, Spero... and Logibro. That's the team for Project Legion. :(

  9. Just to be clear, Nova Knife was -NOT- removed over a single post, public or private. Disagreements between CSM / CPM members are common and certainly not grounds for removal in and of themselves. Also, while there may not have been a need to POST about Nova's removal immediately, the decision was itself time-sensitive.

    CCP Logibro and I are both close with Nova Knife and we both have a lot of appreciation for everything he's contributed throughout the year. I'm certainly not about to comment on this case without giving him proper credit for his heroic amount of work for the Dust community. That said, it speaks to the sensitivity of the internal situation that Logibro acted swiftly to protect a working relationship that he felt was threatened by Nova's escalating conduct.

    1. "CCP Logibro and I are both close with Nova Knife and we both have a lot of appreciation for everything he's contributed throughout the year."

      It shows. :D


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