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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Take full responsibility

Just a quickie.

As a follow-up to my post the other day about Nova Knife's dismissal from the DUST 514 Council of Player Management, Nova himself has posted a quite eloquent and heart-felt statement taking responsibility for his actions. It reads, in part:
The simple truth is, I have always been a passionate person. This passion is what led to my being chosen for the CPM in the first place, and is ultimately what led to my "downfall" as a council member. I have never been afraid to step on toes to express my opinions and concerns. My passion sometimes got the better of me, and in expressing myself there were times when I crossed the line. Many times over the last year I have told CCP that the manner in which they communicate is much more important than how often they communicate. A lesson which I had failed to heed myself at times. Inexperience left me ill-prepared to interact with CCP on the level that was expected of us as a council, and because of this my approach to doing so was flawed from the start.
Go read the full statement. This is how you apologize and the responses already out from DUST 514 players show much respect the player base had for this man.

Again, it's an incredible shame that this situation has come to such a sorry end.

It's now 13 months and two days since CPM0 took office. Tomorrow, they will exceed the record previously set by CSM7 for CCP player council term length. Presumably, an election is coming. Soon(tm).


  1. If only CCPs response could have been as professional.

  2. Jordan, I agree.

    Sometimes words will be said that mean an individual can no longer form part of a team; either once off, or as a pattern over time. I neither know nor particularly care to know about the specific circumstances.

    CCP's initial words went far beyond such a statement. Stating that an otherwise apparently valuable volunteer is guilty of "gross incompetence" for any outburst reflects poorly on both the first life person behind Nova and on CCP itself.

    There is already a feeling that while player councils are more about CCP's interest than in the players interest.

    Regardless of my personal opinion on player councils, CCP's current statement re-inforces the view that player councils are more about CCP's interest than players interest.

  3. Well, this is how you learn and grow, so good on him.

    As for CCP, this was exactly the right way to respond to them, so he'll probably be welcome to return to the CPM at a later date, if he chooses to do so.

  4. It is really too bad that we'll never see a similar apology from CCP Greyscale to the EVE players....

    1. Greyscale is doing some amazing work about which the only complaint I have is that the emancipation of hi-sec alts is almost as overdue as the final eradication of slavery in the real world.

    2. The problem is Malcanis trolls so much I have zero clue when he is serious or not.

    3. I think Greyscale really plans to be the "last man standing" in EVE, after he forces everyone to quit playing.

      I'm sure that after high-sec is depopulated, his planned revamp to sov will prove to be equally popular in null-sec.

  5. I was disappointed to see CCPs unprofessional behavior and the lack of repercussion for said unprofessional behavior.

    1. Remember Hilmar pretty much mocked the community about the fact he could afford $1000 Japanese pants and we couldn't during the worst part of the summer of rage. To make matter funnier, he said that during what was meant to be an apology.

    2. Well that's odd, because I've just skimmed over that apology and I can't see any mention of $1000 jeans or him mocking the EVE community:

      Now obviously that's not just some total bullshit you just sperged out to sound like one of the cool kids, so where did you get that idea from?

      Was it something that another sperging bullshitter read and you just accepted uncritically without checking the facts?

    3. For some additional context, it was CCP Zulu who referred to $1000 pants.


      And then apologized two days later:


      CCP Zulu stepped down as Senior Producer at the end of the year, following the release of the Crucible expansion, handing off to CCP Unifex:


    4. If you remember the 2011 fiasco, go have a look how Hilmar thinks about New Eden and his coffee at Starbucks analogy.

      source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq1YWbv-r0I

      Regards, a Freelancer

      PS: you don't pay extra for the coffee, but for the experience.

    5. Your right, I got the person wrong. It wasn't Hilmar, but it did come from nearly as high in the company.

      The point still stands that this isn't something that comes from people lower in the company. This attitude goes all the way to the top.

    6. Zulu has also since left CCP.

  6. Learn and grow is absolutely right. You can't be passionate and willing to step on toes to the point where you make an obnoxious ass of yourself. There will be pushback. Learn a little tact and you'll achieve better results. You can't be the Lone Crusader against bullshit and insist on telling it like it is everywhere and always, because, like it or not, the world runs on bullshit, and you will never change that. You've got to learn to pick your spots.


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