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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What's in your hangar, 2014

Every year in May, I've gotten into the habit of describing the ships in Ripard's hangar, what I do with them, how often I fly them, and briefly what I think about them. It's been kind of an interesting experiment to watch the hangar change year-by-year and compare and contrast the ships I'm flying a lot with the ones I'm not.

Most of the time when I lose a ship, I replace it a week or so later with an identical type. Sometimes if I find I'm not flying a ship, when the last one I have dies I simply don't replace it. It gets "retired" out of my hangar. That happened a fair bit this year. If I lose the ship frequently -- this past year, that's been interdictors -- I keep two handy. If a fleet comes up and I want to fly in a role of a ship that's been destroyed, I just fly some other role instead. That's the benefit to keeping a lot of different ships and types of ships staged.

For reference, here is last year's version of this post and here's 2012.

This year, the big news for me has been Rote Kapelle's move to Providence. This was a major cataclysm for my hangar, which strengthened and exacerbated some changes I had been making in my hangar even before that move. But I'll talk about them when they come up for each individual ship. I'm doing things a bit different this time, with a list of what's in my hangar specifically highlighting new ships at the top.

The other bit of semi-big news are the warp speed changes. It used to be my "default" ship class when undocking was battle cruisers. This year, it's been cruisers. That's directly relatable to the warp speed changes, which have made "roaming" -- itself a dying art -- in heavy ships more painful. So in places, this post is going to come off as negative about those changes when it's the opposite that's true: I love the warp speed changes! But it does mean that I'm in BCs a lot less, BSs not at all, and that caused me to retire lots of those two classes of ships. Both classes of ships are still perfectly viable in defensive or hot-dropping fleets, but I haven't been in very many or any of those.

Finally, two reminders. Ripard can fly any sub-cap in the game perfectly except the four black ops ships (which I can fly with an alt). So lack of a ship in this list represents either lack of interest in that ship for me or lack of a purpose to put it to. And I like to name Ripard's ships after one-liners from movies, particularly action movies. So in each case, I've given the source for the one-liner.  ;-)

Added this year:

Retribution (x1), "Dance for Me". Name source: True Lies. Late last summer, Rote started experimenting with armor AF fleets and I didn't have an armor AF that I liked. So I bought a Retribution and a Vengeance and tried them out. In last year's "Best and Worst" posts, I named the Retri the worst AF but after flying the Retri a little more, I'd probably now give that title to the Jag instead. I came to appreciate the Retri in an armor AF fleet DPS role.

Vengeance (x1), "There Is No Us". Name source: True Lies. That said, I like the Vengeance much better. It doesn't do nearly as much DPS, but the sight of all those rockets blasting away is hugely satisfying, a neuting AF is extremely amusing, and the tank on the thing! My current fit is close to 16k EHP with a sig smaller than a bomber. I have no problem at all fearlessly tackling just about anything in it.

Apocalypse Navy Issue (x1), "Flame Units Only". Name source: Aliens. When Lex Arson's Adversity corp joined Rote Kapelle last year, these ships suddenly became required purchases for the entire alliance. I bought one, fit it as required, and flew it in the required fleets. It was an entertaining boat as far as it went. Now that Adversity is out of Rote, I have no idea what to do with the thing. It picked up the name from my old Maelstrom when I retired that.

Eos (x1), "The Last Humanist". Name source: The Devil's Advocate. When the Command Ship rebalance happened, this one stepped into the role previously held by my armor Claymore in a big way. It's superior in that role in every possible respect. That said, as heavy armor roaming gangs went completely out of fashion late last year, I think I've only flown it once.

Vexor Navy Issue (x1), "That's All John". Name source: Mr and Mrs Smith. I bought this to bomb around low-sec looking for 1v1 engagements or the like. I figured a faction cruiser would make me look like a more inviting target and from time to time it works. I've gotten some entertaining fights in it.

Vigilant (x1), "It's Reputable". Name source: Mr and Mrs Smith. When rail guns got buffed, that made me wonder if the Vigilant might be a viable alternative to the Ashimmu that I am apparently the only person in New Eden that likes. With some help here and there from former alliance-mate Namamai, I worked up a Vigi fit that did most of the same things my Ash did but also did 400 DPS to point range and even had a superior tank. It instantly took the Ash's place and I've flown it several times since then. It's future is looking kind of bleak in the face of the coming Ash buffs, though..

Imperial Navy Slicer (x1), "KaTurN". Name source: the previous owner. When Kat passed away, we were given his ships and assets by his family and I managed a sale of them to Rote members. For myself, I bought a Slicer in his favorite fit. It gets used the same way the Vexor Navy Issue gets used. I haven't lost it yet.

Police Pursuit Comet (x1), "We Salute You". Name source: Gladiator. The cop car is back! Yay! Nuff said.

Ishtar (x1), "Wake Up Call". Name source: Babylon 5. This was the first of a pair of HACs bought to support new Rote fleet doctrines. Neither doctrine lasted for very long so I'm left with two ships that I may or may not keep for very long. The Ishtar, in particular, is tough to fly unless everyone else is also flying Ishtars and is therefore subject to the same limitations.

Sacrilege (x1), "God Sent Me". Name source: Babylon 5. This was the second HAC bought to support new Rote fleet doctrines. I'll probably refit it to one of the old Rixx Javix Sac fits at some point and lose it spectacularly.

Crow (x2), "Crane Technique". Name source: The Karate Kid. This is my new go-to interceptor for just about everything. This boat is the forthcoming Garmur's competition and I can't see the Mordus entry being anything but second-best.

Heretic (x2), "Wild Thing". Name source: Major League. After the interdictor rebalance, the Sabre was pushed down to my third favorite dictor with this one taking over the #1 slot. It's so incredibly versatile! I keep two stocked at any given moment, one an all-gank LML fit, the other a more traditional bubbler.

Retained from last year:

Enyo (x2), "You're Fired". Name source: True Lies. I still keep two of these but at this point, they're both shield fit. If one dies, I'll probably let my stock drop to one.

Ishkur (x1), "Snow Cone Maker". Name source: True Lies. No change from last year. It's a great point ship for the Enyo shield fleets.

Naga (x1), "Just Shoot the Thing". Name source: Men in Black. This was a new ship last year and very nearly got retired before the move to Providence. Then someone told me that Provi sometimes likes Naga fleets, so I moved it. Haven't had a chance to fly it yet though because most of those Naga fleets are EUTZ.

Talos (x2), "Bring Me His Head". Name source: Game of Thrones. After the warp speed changes, this dropped precariously from its previous place as my favorite PvP ship. After getting 120 kills in it in the previous May-to-May year, these days I almost never fly it. I still have two.

Tornado (x2), "Ska-doosh". Name source: Kung Fu Panda. Another one that almost got retired in the Provi move, kept alive by the same mechanic that kept the Naga alive, with the same result (so far).

Machariel (x1), "Let's Party". Name source: Commando. I remember when I used to fly my Machariel. I miss my Machariel. That said, even with the upcoming buffs, I probably would have retired it if my one wasn't fully T2 rigged at this point. Perhaps some opportunity will come along for me to lose it.

Vindicator (x1), "No Mercy". Name source: lots, but I was thinking of 300. This was a thank you gift from the Rote Kapelle executors for my help with a previous AT team. I've flown it a few times in armor BS fleets as heavy tackle, where it's been entertaining.

Cyclone (x1), "Mail Order Shit". Name source: Eraser. I have one of these left, fit for home defense. It will almost certainly explode spectacularly sometime in the coming year and not be replaced.

Drake (x2), "C'mon Bennett". Name source: Commando. Another victim of the warp speed changes, I can't recall flying this ship at all any time in the last year. I have two left and they'll probably end up getting forcibly retired (unfit, unrigged, and sold).

Hurricane (x2), "Sexual Tyrannosaurus", "She's Your Baggage". Name source: Predator. From an original fleet of five in this ship's hey-day, I'm down to two: a 425 Welp Cane and a 650 skirmish Cane. In due course both will likely be forcibly retired.

Lachesis (x1), "Still Alive, Baby?" Name source: Mr and Mrs Smith. In the fleets where a Lach is appropriate, I'm usually flying a Rapier instead. But I've been able to take this boat out a dozen or so times in the last year and I have quite a lot of fun with it! It's probably my most expensive ship on a pound-for-pound basis right now: I like high-end faction points and scrams on it. I can't recall losing one yet.

Claymore (x1), "Overkill is Underrated". Name source: The A-Team. I used to have two of these, but my armor Claymore was terminated with extreme prejudice by my new Eos. The shield one is still available, though I've only flown it a few times.

Damnation (x1), "Always Bet on Black". Name source: Passenger 57. No change from last year. Usually if I'm in this ship, I'm dual-boxing.

Sleipnir (x1), "Stupid, but Ballsy". Name source: True Lies. No change from last year, but the warp speed changes affected this ship most of all. Sleipnirs used to have no major problem keeping up with lighter shield cruisers and HACs as link ships. Now they do, which has pushed this ship's role over to on-grid T3s.

Vulture (x1), "Winter is Coming". Name source: Game of Thrones. Haven't flown it. I suppose I should sell it to someone in PL.

Buzzard (x1), "I Seee Youuuu". Name source: Predator. Pretty standard scanning Buzzard. No change from last year.

Ashimmu (x1), "Web of Lies". Name source: Mr and Mrs Smith. This was my go-to ship for armor HAC gangs for many, many months. Then the Vigilant came in and stole this boat's thunder with equal facility with webs mated to high DPS. The Ash rebalance for Kronos should put it back on the forefront.

Bellicose (x2), "Beautiful Death". Name source: 300. This is still one of my favorite cruisers and I refuse to get rid of them, but there are not a lot of fleets that they work in any more. So as they have been dying, I haven't replaced them.

Caracal (x3), "Fight in the Shade". Name source: 300. I have three of these at the moment, one each in HAM, HML, and RLML flavors, depending on what a given FC calls for. Going back to fitting an HML Caracal was a surprise but a couple of Provi FCs use them.

Celestis (x2), "Dodge This". Name source: The Matrix. No change from last year.

Cynabal (x1), "Goan Bleed You". Name source: Predator. No change from 2012. If someone says "undock now and warp to me!" in a panic, this is probably the ship I do that in. It gets that role because it's a ship that has no weaknesses and can do tackle, DPS, or GTFO with equal facility.

Exequror (x1), "Devilfish". Name source: The Winds of War. I keep this around for single-logi gangs. Usually, it's someone else flying that single logi, but I've gotten the opportunity to do it a time or two.

Moa (x2), "Very Human Chill". Name source: 300. As I mentioned recently, rail Moas very definitely became a thing and this is now my preferred T1 cruiser if I've been given any choice in the matter. I suspect they're about to become a thing throughout New Eden in a couple of weeks.

Omen (x2), "I Can't Feel My Legs". Name source: X-Men First Class. Rote used to do quickie T1 cruiser gangs and arranged T1 cruiser fights all the time and for all of those, the Omen was the ship I was flying. Those days are gone and these ships are starting to gather dust.

Phantasm (x1), "The Pointy End". Name source: Game of Thrones. I allllmost retired this one, then decided to hold on to it until I saw what CCP Rise had in mind for the pirate cruiser rebalance. I haven't decided yet how I'm going to refit this one, particularly given a few really entertaining competing options.

Rupture (x2), "A Fine Thrust". Name source: 300. I still prefer brawly tactics over skirmish tactics for cruisers, but nobody agrees with me. So I continue to hang on to a pair of arty Ruptures for the many FCs that love that meta. Then I got to Provi where that meta is an actual formal doctrine...

Scythe (x1), "Redeemer". Name source: The Winds of War. Like the Exequror, a boat that I keep around for single-logi fleets. No change from last year.

Thorax (x2), "This is Sparta!". Name source: 300. Still my favorite Gallente T1 cruiser. Both of these are now converted to railguns and are occasionally used in skrimishy shield fleets though I would actually prefer the Bellicose for those and in practice, I'm usually pushed into a Caracal. As a result, the Thoraxes are being used a lot less.

Vexor (x1), "Discarded". Name source: 300. No change from last year. Pretty sure I haven't flown this one in the last year.

Hyena (x1), "Start Paddling". Name source: Commando. Currently my only active EAF, which is sad considering how much they were improved in the rebalance. But they're still hard ships to wedge into fleets; the FC has to know what he wants you to do in one. I haven't sold any of the others, but I haven't flown them either. Maybe in the coming year, someone will call for a Keres.

Falcon (x1), "Death From Above". Name source: Avatar. No change from last year.

Rapier (x2), "People Need Killin'". Name source: Mr and Mrs Smith. No change from last year. If you're running a shield skirmish fleet, this is the ship I want to fly in it. These days, I keep two of them, an expensive one for when an FC I trust is running the fleet and a cheaper one for FCs that I don't know or I don't trust as much.

Cerberus (x1), "I'm Really Hungry". Name source: Commando. This one's getting a lot more use since last year and became the second Caldari ship on my 15 most-used ships list.

Zealot (x2), "I'm Still Standin'". Name source: Men in Black. No change from last year.

Flycatcher (x1), "Suicide Squeeze". Name source: Major League. The new Advanced Infomorph Psychology skill finally made it viable for me to fly dictors again! So I've been in them a lot more often since that skill dropped, the Heretic for armor fleets and the Flycatcher for shield fleets.

Sabre (x1), "Stick Around". Name source: Predator. I do still fly my Sabre from time to time, but usually only when I've lost my Flycatcher or the fleet is so small that I want to add the DPS.

Hound (x2), "Motherfuckin' Tin Can". Name source: Die Hard. No change from 2012.

Manticore (x2), "Shoot the Glass", "Yipee Ki-Yay". Name source; Die Hard. No change from 2012.

Nemesis (x1), "Gimme da Cash". Name source: The Fifth Element. Refit for combat.

Purifier (x1), "Landing Lights". Name source: Die Hard 2. No change from last year. Provi occasionally does bomber fleets though those fleets are in EUTZ so I haven't had a chance to join in yet.

Legion (x2), "Freeze Means Stop", "I Like This Gun". Name source: Men in Black. I still have one super-Zealot Legion and one of my favorite new ship fits from last year, the "HAM Sandwich" Legion. In general if I'm pulling out a Legion, it's most likely the latter.

Loki (x3), "Come Get Some", "This is my Boomstick", "The Guy With The Gun". Name source: Army of Darkness. One armor HAC webber (which I've converted to one point, three web, five gun), one instablap Loki (just for fun), and one command link Loki. It's amazing to me that I've never lost a Loki yet. I'm in them all the time!

Proteus (x3), "Shadoo". Name source: the EVE player of note, but I was thinking "Armor HACs! Armor HACs! Armor HACs!" ;-) I really should rename these to fit my meta. Anyway, one is a heavily-tanked tackle monster, one is an armor HAC railgun Proteus, and the last -- only used twice so far -- is intended as heavy tackle for black ops drops.

So! 79 ships, an almost 30% drop from last year and still falling. As I said above, I expect quite a few ships to be retired or killed this year and not replaced. The only new ship I anticipate buying in the coming year is a Stratios (mostly for black ops work if I get into that). The Garmur, as I alluded to above, is hamstringed by its poor lock range and whether I add an Orthrus is going to depend very heavily on its cost. I don't anticipate buying a Barghest for any reason.

I added three expensive ships to Ripard's hangar this year: a Proteus, an Apocalypse Navy Issue, and a Vigilant. Most of my expensive purchases were on alts this year. The capital ship landscape shifted underneath me and I ended up buying a Nag, a Nid, and a Chimera, plus skill books. In a month or so, my carrier alt will be able to fly all four carriers perfectly.

It's probably worth talking about the ships that I retired or all but retired this year and why I did that, but I think I'll do that in a follow-up post since this one's pretty long...


  1. "Sabre (x1), "Stick Around". Name source: Commando. I do still fly my Sabre from time to time, but usually only when I've lost my Flycatcher or the fleet is so small that I want to add the DPS."

    That's from Predator, not Commando.


    You disappoint me, Ripard.

  2. Fozzie did a lot of damage with the warp speed changes

    1. Fozzie did a lot of good with the warp speed changes

    2. And both of those statements are equally true.

    3. The non-stop whinage about the warp speed changes as a nerf to BS/BC roaming is pathetic. Gee, I'm so sorry your BS/BC doesn't warp as fast as a 'ceptor....

      People need to HTFU and learn how to properly use BS/BC comps.

  3. with the upcoming Kronos ship rebalancing as well as the release of the Mordu's Legion ships, upon gazing into your crystal ball what do ships do you foresee Ripard purchasing. Also do you suspect that Rote might do a Rattlesnake Gecko roam for giggles

    1. I already own and fly most of the pirate ships I want to -- they're of the cruiser variety -- so right now I don't anticipate buying too many new ones. I'll just like them more. I might try out a Cruor, though.

      And no, we're not doing any sort of BS fleets, much less expensive ones.

  4. Where's your DST?

    1. Hee, don't own one. I owned an Occator once for about 45 minutes but then I sold it.

  5. So when you go into ISIS and look at all the the tabs you have Mastery 5 on all the ships including ORE? Or is your definition of perfect different? :-p
    I'm at about 140 mil skill points and still a few months away from Mastery 5 for just all Amarr ships. Mostly leadership skills. And clearly I have skills that won't help my planned subcap mastery.

    1. My definition of perfect is everything except weapon masteries at 5, which I've started working on here and there.

  6. The desert island question I once set myself:

    If I could only own five hulls - which would I choose?

    Procurer, Orca, Myrmidon or Eos, Dominix and Oneiros.

    How would you do Jester?

    1. Rapier, Loki, Crow, Heretic, Cynabal.

    2. And I just realized that NONE of those are green or can be covered with blasters. And that's just sad. I might choose Vigi instead of Cynabal after Kronos. Haven't messed with fits yet.

    3. Yes, I'm curious about the Cynabal. I understand it's OP now, but I only just am getting to the point where I'm ready to fly it now. To fly one now pre-nerf just to try it, or hold on and see post-nerf...

  7. I noticed some affinity of yours towards Arnold Schwarzenegger movies :-).
    Nice i do like Arnie, my compatriot, too ...

    Keep up the good work, you recently gained an Austrian fan and daily reader of your blog!

  8. Rupture (x2), "A Fine Thrust". Name source: 300. I still prefer brawly tactics over skirmish tactics for cruisers, but nobody agrees with me. So I continue to hang on to a pair of arty Ruptures for the many FCs that love that meta. Then I got to Provi where that meta is an actual formal doctrine...

    Welcome to provi, though if you go north you won't find ruppies as a doctrin. Still I found it funny BTW you do know cores motto right?

  9. "Sacrilege (x1), "God Sent Me". Name source: Babylon 5."

    Ah yes, one of my favorite moments from that series. Sometimes you really don't want to know the answer to "who are you?"

    1. It's ironic in the extreme that Claudia Christian's two opportunities to shine as an actress are quite literally her last two scenes on regular-series B5. Her scene with Richard Biggs (RIP) on the floor of the Med Bay talking about Marcus still brings me to tears every time I watch it.

  10. I'm saddened to hear your comment about the battlecruisers. they were nerfed once - in part to make more "room" for the cruisers, and that was ok. But now with the warp speed change... well the use scenarios seems rather narrow. Do you feel this is something CCP should change?


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