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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 predictions

The first major incursions are being run today, so I'm going to take a moment, plug myself a little, and link to some predictions I made about six weeks ago for EVE in 2011:


My very first prediction was:
Incursion will be delivered beautifully feature-complete with high quality... and yet its main feature won't work worth a damn anyway because hundreds of PvP griefers will make it nearly impossible to complete incursion sites as intended.
I present you with the first battlefied pic from an incursion.

Doesn't quite make my first prediction "true" yet, but I'd say it's well on its way.  ;-)

Some of those predictions were a little off-hand (the gunnery one, in particular), but with one month of the year gone, I really like my chances for most of them.  In particular, I have a really hard time believing Incarna will actually be pushed to the EVE community if there's nothing to do in it.  I find it much easier to believe it will be delayed to next January.  Could be totally wrong.  We'll see.

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