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Friday, January 28, 2011

Attrition warfare

The only thing worse than a Pandemic Legion AHAC fleet (40 ABHACs, 10 armor T3s, 15 Guardians, support) is a Pandemic Legion Hellcat fleet (40 pulse Abaddons, 10 armor T3s, 15 Guardians, support).

Damn, these guys are good at what they do.

Here's a very typical Hellcat for those unfamiliar with the fit.

PL has invaded Pure Blind after being pushed out of Venal.  While the fight is being incorrectly touted in some areas as a fight between PL and the NC, Pure Blind is really the home of many smaller alliances that most often operate independently of both each other and the traditional NC.  One of these is my own alliance, Get Off My Lawn.  It's a casual, mature bunch that I joined several months ago, and much more PvP-focused than the typical cliche northern resident.  We're not as solid and disciplined yet as some alliances I've been in, and our pilots don't have nearly the SP that a typical PL member has -- not even close -- but it's been terrific to watch this group harden under the pressure since I've been a member.

What we can't do yet on our own is put up a fleet equal to the size in numbers of a typical PL fleet.  So we've been working pretty closely with other Pure Blind residents.  We're also suffering from a lot of -- putting it charitably -- FC inexperience.  Still, we've been holding our own, just barely.  GOML has an almost exactly 50% efficiency against PL so far, which I consider remarkably good considering who we're fighting.  I'm proud to fly with them.

We have that efficiency because, despite the fact that we lose horrific numbers of battle cruisers and battleships to PL, every Hellcat, AHAC, or T3 we kill is worth many times one of our own ships.  Their ships are perfectly (and expensively) fit, every single time.  So if we lose six Drakes to kill one Hellcat or armor Loki, that's a good trade for us.

PL makes fun of the NC and its residents for blobbing them, and that's fine.  Fair complaint, most of the time.  But given that we'd like to -- you know -- win, I'm not sure what our alternative is.  We can't match them player skill-for-skill, or toon SP-for-SP, so going against them with anything approaching equal numbers would just be suicide.  Even when we go against them with them massively outnumbered, they've demonstrated time and time again that they have our comms completely compromised.  The only thing PL is better at than PvP is spying.  So the only thing that's been effective against them so far is this grinding, lose-eight-to-kill-one, attrition-style warfare.  It's expensive as hell, but it's working.

Napoleon... Hitler... meet the Russian landscape in winter.

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