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Saturday, January 22, 2011

CCP might be on to something

So in the midst of a bunch of CSM preparatory work, I took a break to re-customize one of my alts, who I've mentioned before.  As I was tweaking this and playing with that, I decided to ask my wife for some help.  Being male, I don't know a whole lot about make-up, and I was finding the options for eye liner and eye shadow a little bit hard to deal with.  All of my mains are men, but most of my alts are women.

She's shown absolutely no interest in EVE up to this point, just seeing it as my thing, which is fair, of course.  But she did agree to help, and so I showed her around the character creator and what I was trying to get done.  For reference, she's much more artistic than I am, and is in an artistic job field.  I zoom out to show her the whole picture--

Her: "No redhead would wear that blouse!"

Me: "..."

Her: "Is there navy blue?"

Me: "Well, no, the color options are kind of limited right now.  They're just getting this going..."

She gives me that look that clearly says "men."  "Try that one," she says.  "Now the pants are wrong."  "Does that jacket come in any other colors?"  "Zoom back in."  "Make the chin longer."  "Can you adjust the earlobes?"  "Make the jaw line longer."  20 minutes later, we manage to get around to the thing I wanted help with (eye shadow and liner, remember), and she helps me with that, too.  Have to say the end result more than justified my asking for her assistance, though!

I thank her.  She starts to walk away.  I log into another of my accounts and select one of my other alts.

"What did you DO to her?!" I hear from behind me.

"What?"  I ask.  The toon in question is to the right.  I was actually pretty happy with it, and hadn't intended to re-customize this one.

"Did she get that hair color out of a bottle?" she asks.

Me: "..."

"Can you redo her?"

"I suppose I can, but..."

"Bring it up.  Can you get me more coffee?"  I find myself being displaced out of my chair.  She asks me some questions about the controls.  Then she settles in, muttering about the doofus she married.

I eventually reclaim my chair, but not the controls.

The next hour is a repeat of the process for my other alt, me driving, her navigating.  She's at least (mostly) happy with my clothing choices this time, and the hair type and pose I chose were again fine, but just about everything else, she wants to fiddle with.

In the process, I learn way more about the human face than I knew before.  She's an artist, all right.

I was happy with my version, but hers is simply stunning, don't you think?

These CCP guys might be on to something here.


  1. :)

    This is awesome. Way to go Mrs Jester, highly improved. And I agree, the new character editor is *much* better.

  2. CCP is gonna run hard up against the wall of attracting more women to EVE through Incarna if there are not sufficient color and wardrobe choices available right from the start, without any need to pay extra for them. And by sufficient, I mean a metric shit-ton of choices. Look in any woman's closet for a whack on the head with a Clue Bat, CCP.


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