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Sunday, January 16, 2011

CSM December 2010 Minutes, Part 3

Part three of the minutes are out:
CSM December 2010 Summit, Minutes Part 3 of 3

Go check 'em out.  I'll wait.

Done?  OK, cool.  There's two things going on here:
1. Some major hostility from the Incarna team directed toward the CSM, and not a little bit flowing in the opposite direction.  This document has been washed and washed and washed yet a third time, and the hostility still comes shining through like a cyno beacon.  Wow.

Here's a good quote:
CCP asked for this meeting to introduce to the CSM their plans for the new player experience and the captain’s quarters planned for Incarna and get their initial reactions to the vision. This cannot be elaborated on further due to disclosure reasons, but the CSM provided invaluable insights...
In other words, the CSM despised it   Tea's bitterness on the SHC forums is becoming easier and easier to understand.

2. The Part 3 document was basically the CCP Greyscale show.  He obviously has a terrific relationship with the CSM, and that's great.  But damn.  This is a 12-page document.  Greyscale appears on page three, and doesn't get off the stage until page 12.  You'd think that there was nobody else in the room except he and the members of the CSM that were present.

Some good quotes:
CCP’s response was that it ranked rebalancing overpowered ships and items as a higher priority than balancing unused items – fixing problems with things that are being used rather to fixing problems with those that are not.  The CSM responded that when something is not being used, that is a symptom of a problem.
 Hee!  You think?

There was apparently also a long discussion about hybrid weapons platforms.  Blasters do terrific damage and rails have great range, but honestly, there's no good reason to use either.  The range of blasters is -- in a word -- pathetic.  The damage from rails is equally so.  The truly hysterical thing about blasters, in my view, is that the ships that get bonuses to them are the Gallente ones: typically one of the slowest, if not the slowest, types of ships in the game.  Short range damage + slow ship = fail.

Napoleonic warships had a weapon called a carronade.  It was an extremely strong punch weapon with an extremely short range, very much like an EVE blaster.  Carronades were used on warships for only about 30-40 years, from 1770 to 1810.  Why did they go out of fashion?  The Wikipedia article sums it up beautifully:  "...the carronade's lack of range against an opponent who could keep well clear and still use his long guns was an arguable tactical disadvantage of this arrangement."

This will sound very familiar to anyone who has tried to use a blaster boat against... well... anything.

American warships favored the carronade highly.  Why?  Because the largest American warship from 1770 to 1810 was a 44-gun frigate.  It was a weapon perfectly suited to the American Navy's small, fast ships.

Anyway, the rest of the document spends a lot of time with Greyscale as he talks to the CSM.  The most interesting part of the document?  CCP is considering completely doing away with jump bridges, and feels that the jump mechanic in the game in general is broken.  I've already spoken of this before and my own feelings on it just a few posts down.  I personally feel that completely doing away with JBs is a bad idea: how exactly are people living in remote areas of low-sec going to get PvP opportunities?

Greyscale's answer seems to be "from their immediate neighbors."  This, unfortunately, is unrealistic at best and blatantly naive at worst.  Greyscale means well, but he clearly doesn't play EVE (irony!).  You'd have to make changes to the terrain of EVE on a scale of an 8.0 earthquake to make this idea viable.  Interestingly, though, Greyscale seems very open to that.  Does the rest of CCP feel the same way?

However, this exchange is the most interesting one in the entire December 2010 summit, as far as I'm concerned:
The CSM was somewhat divided on how aggressive CCP should be with any nerfing. However, one CSM suggested, with respect to the nerfing of jump bridges, “get rid of them.”
Greyscale: “Anyone disagree with that?”
CSM response varied between “Nope,” “Nah” and a simple “No”.
That is interesting.  A lot of people on SHC seemsto think that the NC will tearfully collapse without the JBs.  And yet, the NC's representative on the CSM (Vuk Lau) apparently voted along with the rest of the CSM to nuke them.  SHC readers, take note...

Edit (17/Jan/2010): Vuk Lau wasn't there.

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