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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hulkageddon cometh

Two more PvE-related posts, then I'm going to get back to CSM stuff.  The other PvE post will be this week's Kill of the Week to be posted tomorrow, which is fairly epic.

The first PvE-related note -- in the sense that it's targeted against PvE players -- is that Hulkageddon is coming, and will start February 19th.  It ends on the 28th.

For those not in the know, Helicity Boson, one of EVE's better-known pirates, runs an event every year where the main goal is to destroy mining ships of all kinds.  He gets lots of people to sponsor the event with a series of prizes for various achievements.  Some of them are obvious: most Hulk kills by an individual, most kills total by an individual, most kills by a corporation, et cetera.  Some of them are fun: first kill of a Hulk by a noob ship (Ibis, et. al.), best hate mail, first kill of a mining barge with another mining barge... the list goes on, and the unusual achievements and prizes for this year aren't listed yet or are still being chosen.

It's huge fun for those that participate, the prices of Hulks and fittings spikes up a bit, and even most of the miners don't seem to mind it too much.  A lot of them stay docked while Hulkageddon goes on, but a lot of them grin at the extra risk and go out anyway.

Just for fun, I'm seriously considering sponsoring a prize myself.  I'm still thinking about exactly what conditions that prize would be awarded for.  Given my long interest in teaching beginners PvP, it might be some variant on "first solo-kill of a Hulk ganker by another ganker" or something to that effect, if Helicity would agree to such an achievement.  In other words, solo someone in the same system where they got a Hulk kill, after they got that Hulk kill.  I'd be willing to put up a couple hundred million ISK prize, maybe a faction-fitted Dram or a Vigilant or something.  Helicity, if you're reading this, contact me.  ;-)

Anyway, this year's Hulkageddon is interesting because the scope of it is expanding a bit:
2) Haulers are fair game now.  Since merely blowing up mining vessels is fun, this time around we are broadening the target spread to generate more tears of dismay! In Hulkageddon 4 all mining vessels, orcas, freighters, haulers, noctis and primae count towards your score! Yes, you read that right, all the vessels mentioned there count for the main prize. In addition to that some vessels have their own achievements linked to them, check the prizes page for all the details!
Note this well, if you plan on flying a hauler during this period...  They're not going to stick to just haulers supporting mining ops, I imagine.

I've only ganked one Hulk, just to see if I could do it.  I fitted out and insured a trio of glass cannon, alpha Hurricanes on the advice of a corp-mate who's a successful ganker with them.  Out of the three Canes, I managed one gank, against an AFK ice-miner in a 0.5 system near Amarr-Minmatar FW space.  The other two Hulks escaped in deep, deep structure.  One of them was ballsy enough to stick around after I got CONCORDed to scoop up my drones before he left.  Props to that pilot!  I figure if I'd plugged in one more projectile weapons implant, all three ganks would have been successful.  Ah well, in this game, you try stuff and you learn from it.

Overall, I learned that ganking isn't for me.  I like targets that fight back.  Still, I can see why people enjoy it.  There was definitely a certain thrill going into a fight absolutely knowing you were gonna get popped...


  1. Erm, out of curiosity, how is this PvE-related? Are the targets NPC-only? I always thought Hulkageddon was a PvP event, targeting players piloting said ships.

  2. It's directed toward PvE players. You're right, it's strictly a (usually non-consensual) PvP event.


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