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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just to keep me in the habit...

...of blogging and maybe attract regular repeating visitors too (::grins::), people who are good at it that I trust have recommended having a weekly "feature" or three.  So I'm going to have three:

Quote of the Week
Something someone said about EVE (hopefully that week) that caught my attention, struck me as funny, or I thought was insightful.  These will be on Mondays.

Fit of the Week
Again, obvious.  Some ship fitting that I'm playing with, in EFT clipboard format, ready to copy into EFT if you want to try it yourself.  Hopefully, decent fits, but I guess we'll see.  I'll also talk about how I think the fit should be used, and maybe in the comments, people will trash the fit, make alternate suggestions, or tell stories about what happened when they tried it.  Wednesdays.

Kill of the Week
Just what it sounds like. Usually, it'll be some silly little fail-fit that caught my fancy for some reason.  Other times, it'll be a fit that's perfectly reasonable, but doing something he shouldn't (carrying billions of ISK in plexes in a Kestrel, anyone?).  If I'm feeling more mellow, it'll be a kill that demonstrates something instructive about the game. Fridays.

Let's see how often I forget.

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