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Friday, January 14, 2011

Kill of the Week: Glass Cannon Titan

Every single little thing about this exudes wonderful:

My top 10 favorite things about this kill:

10. The fact that a Hel got top damage.  How ironic.
9. The Tech I Trimarks.  It's sort of a budget Titan.
8. The fact that he's carrying 23 faction MF laser crystals... for two different factions.
7. The 30 Radio crystals.  Not only would it take you about six years to burn out 30 crystals, but with those loaded, this Titan does about 350 DPS.  My sniper Zealot does more than that.
6. The utter lack of drones on the KM.  For reference, an Avatar has a 325m3 drone bay.  Where were they?
5. The MicroWarpdrive.  The deadspace MicroWarpdrive.  That increases this Titan's speed by about 25 m/s.
4. More subtle: he's carrying a Jump Portal Generator worth a half billion.  According to his buddies, this toon doesn't have bridging skills.
3. The T2 tank.  In his cargo hold.  Which apparently wasn't worth fitting before taking this Titan into PvP.
2. The guy's corp name.  Is that classic or what?
1. The Sisters Core Probes in the cargo hold. Chances are this was a ratting Titan that unfit its probe launcher for the DD...

Bonus thing to love: many of this guy's DD kills are against friendlies.  But sometimes, he DDs an enemy.

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  1. Was going through some of your old stuff. That last link of this guys DD kill is just hilarious :D


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