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Friday, January 28, 2011

Kill of the Week: Remember your mission!

As promised, the last PvE-related post for a while.  And no, this isn't a ship killed by the Sanshas (those don't generate killmails).  Instead, it's another gank:

The loss is eye-popping: a Paladin worth 17 billion ISK estimated, including 5.5 billion in a single module.  Officer spawns in deep 0.0 are vanishingly rare -- I've never even seen one -- so putting together a ship fitted with these modules is horribly expensive.  Usually, they're consigned to titans and super carriers.  But occasionally you'll run into subcaps fitting a few of them: flagships, in EVE parlance.

The interesting thing about this loss is that this isn't this pilot's first horribly expensive ship loss.  No, that was back in August:

That kill was infamous enough that it even made EVE news.  At the time, the pilot affected said "A drop in the ocean! That fit had netted me plenty of ISK durin' the time I had it, I could refit a Paladin to exactly the same spec if I wanted..."  Apparently, he wanted.  Or close enough.

If my math is accurate, it would take about 1400 hours of doing L4 missions to make the 17 billion needed for this most recent loss.  Or 62 days of running L4 missions 23/7.  Quite a while.

But OK, perhaps he's getting major advantages from all those officer modules, right?  The fit must do really awesome DPS to an incredible range, right?

Nope.  A close examination of this fit reveals that it's substandard when compared to a much more modest Paladin fit.  This officer fitting can manage about 885 DPS to an optimal range of 39 kilometers, with good tracking.  The major advantage that it gets is that it can perma-run that officer armor repper, producing about a 475 DPS perma-tank.  However, the resists are kind of thin and the buffer is non-existent, so even a little bit of neuting would be fatal (and probably was, during the gank).  Interestingly, the pilot didn't even use super-cheap faction crystals, which would have increased his DPS markedly.

Meanwhile, a more traditional Paladin using plain old Tech 2 Tachyons and Tracking Computers, three much cheaper faction heat sinks, faction crystals, a 1600 plate and buffer in the remaining lows, and a dead-space armor repper (a Core B-Type Large Armor Repper would be about right) can manage more than 900 DPS to 38 kilometers with good tracking... more DPS than the officer fit at the same range, at about 1/15th the cost.  The main difference?  The traditional Paladin is not cap-stable.  It can only run the repper for about 3.5 minutes, at about a 300 DPS tank.

And that is more than sufficient for its job of doing L4s!

Remember your mission!  This is a hard-and-fast rule in the military, and easily translatable to life in New Eden.  Remember your mission.  Anything that helps your mission is good.  Anything that's a "wouldn't it be nice if..." should be discarded.  There's no need for a L4 mission ship to have a 475 DPS perma-tank.  Damage from L4s comes in waves, and the much cheaper dead-space repper can easily keep up with it, especially when combined with the massive DPS coming off a well-fit Paladin.  The faction crystals can and should be used, because they have a measurable beneficial impact.  They support the mission.  All those officer mods do not.

There was no need to fit all those expensive mods, and little to no additional actual benefit from doing so.  Keep it in mind as you fit your own ships.  Remember your mission!

This pilot forgot his mission, and is 50 billion ISK poorer because of it.

And I don't even have to talk about the wisdom of bringing a 17 billion ISK ship into a 0.5 system after already being taught not to do that in a 0.7 system...

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  1. This was pointed out to me today: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=8971327


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