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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lots of CSM news this weekend

There's a really good interview with Mynxee out today.  The questions avoid the usual inane interview chit-chat -- some of them are really insightful.  Go out and give it a read.  It's worth your time.  This interview will also be the source of my quote of the week on Monday.  See if you can spot the quote.

Compare and contrast with Massively, who posted an interview with CSM member Dierdra Vaal.  This interview is much longer, and is in two parts, Part 1 and Part 2.  Despite being longer, the interview never really strays out of the shallow end of the pool.  I half-expected one of the questions to be "What is Hillmar really like?"  Still, it starts to warm up in part 2, and there's this exchange, which is quite good:

M: The issue of force projection was brought up. Capital fleets are currently able to move much faster using a cynosural field chain than any standard fleet. As a result, they have a greater mobility than sub-capital fleets. What problems does the CSM see this as causing?
DV: Force projection isn't just about speed; its also about range. If you can go 1-2 regions over without much effort, its easy to go and stomp on a small entity with a few supercaps just because you're bored. What we see is that a lot of 0.0 problems are related. The force projection problems combined with the proliferation of supercaps currently means that you run a very high risk of having your sub-capital gang hotdropped by a few bored supercarrier pilots. Unless you have your own counter hotdrop standing by, it can act as a deterrent for PvP. The prevalence of supercap hotdrops is a big source of complaints from 0.0 pilots.
The next two questions after that are about Jump Bridges and Balkanized 0.0 and how that will affect PvP.  If you've been reading some of my past entries, you know this concern is near and dear to my heart.  I hope CCP won't use a sledgehammer on this problem when a scalpel is what's needed!

Seleene has announced his candidacy for CSM6.  Seleene, like myself, is a frequent contributor on Scrapheap Challenge and I agree with a lot of his ideas.  He's put up two posts, one on his past CCP experience, one on why he'd like to be on CSM6.  I'd really like to work with him on CSM6, and no, it has nothing to do with the fact that we both feel that iteration of past EVE features should be a CCP priority.  ;-)

Another SHC contributor, Virtuozzo, is getting his CSM6 candidacy running as well.  Virt is very very smart, and understands the internal politics in CCP better than anyone else I know.  He's another person I'd love to work with on CSM 6, and I think he's going to be a really strong candidate.

And I'll talk about why once we're all official candidates, but I'd love to see Trebor make Chair this term.  I e-mailed him asking for some advice on my run, and he graciously offered me some.

Hopefully, there will be enough seats available for me to get one myself, too.  ;-)


  1. Oi, I said I am considering =P That is not the same as running. As interesting as the CSM challenge is, it is important to consider it well because it is one hell of a job, which most people tend to underestimate.

    We will see =)

  2. Thanks for the mention. Yes those were some of the most interesting interview questions I been asked to answer in awhile now. Not the same old same old. Nice change.

    Can't wait to see which candidates shake out of the woodwork by the time official ones are announced.

  3. Hee. I stand corrected, Virt. ;-)

  4. A suspicious person should ponder what criteria Massively use for picking CSM reps to interview.

    Also note they didn't want to cover the initial story after the summer summit minutes were badly received by the players (even after being contacted directly by CSM).


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