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Monday, January 31, 2011

More CSM news this weekend

A little bit more CSM election news over this past weekend.  I've updated my past post to reflect the current members of the CSM that have said in public either that they're not going to run or they are going to run.  As you can see, there are still quite a few "unknowns", but if I were to bet a dollar on it, I think I'd bet it that all of the remaining unknowns are going to go ahead and run.

Dierdra Vaal not running is a loss to the CSM.  He's now served admirably on two CSMs, 3 and 5.  Even more than this, the four members of CSM5 that have really been out in front in terms of communicating to the larger EVE Online community this past year have been Mynxee, TeaDaze, Treb, and DV.  Three out of those four have now said they're not running for CSM6.  The other members of CSM5 have been communicating in their own ways, of course, but those four were CSM5's working and public faces.

As before, more than ever now, I support Trebor for Chair and I really hope he gets it.

The other interesting bit of news is that Larkonis Trassler has announced that he's running for CSM6.  For those not familiar with Larkonis, he was on the CSM before, CSM3.  Most of the way through his term, he resigned from the CSM, about a quarter of a step ahead of the axe that would have cut him from it.  The details are fairly public: he used knowledge passed to the CSM in confidence to make purchases on the EVE market, anticipating that future changes to the game would make those purchases more valuable.  Larkonis has taken responsibility for his actions, though he hasn't exactly apologized.  CCP is not barring him from running again.

For the record, though I agree with many of his positions, I think it's too soon for him to run again.  CSM3 wasn't that long ago.  But regardless of how I feel about it, Larkonis is a well-known, very long-time player and he'll definitely be a strong candidate.

Nine days until candidates can start officially submitting their paperwork!

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