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Friday, January 14, 2011

Not sure what I think about this...

EVE Online has won mmorpg.com's 2010 Game of the Year.

To go full Dogbert: on one paw, I'm extremely happy.  EVE's the only MMO I play, I enjoy it immensely, and publicity like this can only help the game.  EVE is built around a structure where more players means more fun (and more ISK) for everyone.  And if EVE is successful, CCP is successful, and the game will be around for years to come.  All positives.

On the other paw, CCP itself tends to put too much weight into these sorts of things: they see it as a scary little form of self-validation.  In my experience, you can't take awards too seriously.  Sure, put them in the commercials.  Use them for good PR.  But don't believe them.  Not really.  That way lies complacency.

The percentages of votes for the various MMOs bothers me, too.  WoW has something like 12 million subscribers.  EVE has 350,000: about 3% of what WoW can boast.  Did the WoW players just not hear about the poll?  EVE players tend to be extremely... ummm... "vocal" about the game they play...

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