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Friday, January 21, 2011

Seven things I will do as a member of CSM6

And here's the other half, what I will do if I'm elected:

Seven things I will do as a member of CSM6

1. I will encourage CCP to make "Team Best Friends Forever" a perpetual development team focused on making past features of EVE better.
Iterative development is what it's all about.  CCP is great at developing new features, but needs to learn to develop past new features.  Too many things in EVE haven't been touched since they were first introduced.  Like faction warfare.  Like bounty-hunting.  Incursions and Incarna will just join them if CCP doesn't commit to continued development of past features.

2. I will help CSM6 build on the success CSM5 had in getting CCP to to listen to EVE players.
I love EVE, and I'm a lonnnnng-time gamer, RPG'er, and miniature war-gamer.  But -- like the most successful members of CSM5 -- I also have a strong real-life business and communications background.  CCP will take me seriously.  I'll take the agreements that past CSMs have gotten from CCP, and hold CCP accountable for meeting them.  I'll be there to do the work, and help CCP make EVE Online better.

3. I will strongly encourage CCP to talk to the players, too!
Thanks to CSM5, this has gotten much better over the last year, but still isn't good enough.  CCP should be more open to sharing their plans with players, and should respond in a much more timely and understanding fashion to upset players.  They already have a potential avenue to help: the CSM itself!  I don't know why they haven't taken advantage of this, but I'll encourage them to.

4. I will represent all EVE players, not just people who play the way I do.
I've been playing EVE for three years plus.  In that time, I've been a miner and a mission-runner.  I understand and do industry and invention.  I was in faction warfare for six months (so I know how badly it's broken).  I've lived in a wormhole.  I teach PvP classes and I FC.  And for more than a year now, I've been in the thick of 0.0 sovereignty wafare.  I understand a lot of different EVE players, because I've been there.

5. I will push for changes in Empire war-decs, and Empire living in general.
Use of neutrals in Empire war-decs, particularly for logistics, is out of control.  I like a fun Empire war-dec as much as the next guy (maybe more), but most of them aren't fun any more.  In a somewhat related topic, I think CCP's fight against botting has gone slightly too far, and has hurt honest players just trying to make a living in Empire.  I'll be running player round-tables soon, looking for suggestions on how to fix it.

6. I will help push for changes in 0.0 long-range logistics.
There's no question about it: jump logistics is broken.  Supercarriers roam at will across all of space and have become EVE Online's "I win" button in both 0.0 and low-sec.  Small gang PvP is hurting, and massive hot-drops are becoming more and more common.  Jump bridges are too cheap to use.  I love them for their ability to get people who live in distant 0.0 space into PvP-friendly areas, but they're out of control.  I'll run round-tables on this topic too, looking for player ideas.

7. I will stay available to EVE players through my blog, e-mail, EVE mail, and forums.
At the end of the day, I represent YOU.  If you have a suggestion, I want to hear it.  If you have a gripe, I'll listen to it and help you address it.  If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, I'll help get you pointed in the right direction.  I'll listen to you.  And even if the answer to your suggestion is eventually "no", at least I'll tell you why.  ;-)

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  1. All noble aspirations, and I hope that should you get elected you can make at least partial progress on at least some of them.

    Continually pushing CCP for more timely, more effective communication and collaboration is a never-ending task...something that can never be allowed to rest or subside. The pressure must be kept on--from many angles--for progress to continue.


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