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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

200 words

I got a second e-mail from CCP Diagoras saying that the second item I (almost) mentioned was also not an issue and wouldn't prevent me from running for CSM.  So I'll be submitting my official application shortly.  :-)

Every candidate gets a 200 word statement.  It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't.  Here's what I'm going with:
I am Ripard Teg, running for CSM6.

CSM6 needs serious delegates who can talk to CCP in a way that encourages them to listen to players. Otherwise, CSM5's momentum will be lost.  My knowledge of EVE Online and skills in real life can help.

Incarna will bring tons of new EVE players. I'm excited by that! But I don't want CCP to break the game we love trying to expand its audience.  WE'VE been flying New Eden for years. I hope to offer perspectives to help CCP retain veterans AND acquire new customers. Both are necessary for EVE to thrive.

I am a three-year EVE player with broad experience: industry, missions, faction warfare, wormhole living, and 0.0 sov fights.  I relate to all kinds of EVE players, because I've been where you are.  I also have a strong real-life business and communications background.  Finally, I have served as a player advocate in the past, play-testing and consulting for companies making miniature/RPG games.

I will take my CSM responsibilities seriously and in turn, do all I can to ensure that CCP takes me seriously. I therefore ask for your vote and will work hard to bring YOUR concerns to CCP.
That's 199 words.  The 200th "word" will be the campaign website.

If you've read this far, maybe you'd be willing to read a little more?

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  1. Ripard, you continue to come across as a strong candidate. I look forward to seeing how you handle your campaign, and wish you the best of luck -- Trebor


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