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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Check for yourself!

And now an important message from Jester's evil twin, Garth.  The opinions of Garth are not the opinions of Jester (unless they are).

About a month ago, Jester wrote a long-ass blog post about sentry drone tactics.  In particular, the post mentioned the fact that many ships could "assist" their drones to a FC ship equipped with Target Painter modules.  That FC ship could then use the TP to aggress on a target, and all the Sentries that were assisted to the FC would then fire on that target.

Jester linked to this blog post on Scrapheap Challenge, thinking it would be a helpful guide on the topic.  Not long afterward, Jester's mail, and that thread, turned into a river of flame.  "Nonsense," "complete bullshit," "your blog is a troll", and "you are p.dumb" were among the comments, the posters of which seemed to think that Jester could do the EVE world a favor if he just shot himself.

You can't assist more drones to someone than they have levels in Drone skill, someone said.  Someone else assured the thread that drones would not attack a target just because someone Target Painted it.  Someone else assured Jester that it was a well-known EVE fact that Sentries could not be assisted to someone else at all.  Nobody would ever use this tactic in PvP, yet another poster assured the crowd on SHC, because if you had to warp off, you'd leave your Sentries behind.

The fact that Jester seemed reasonably knowledgeable about the topic in question, had a kill-board battle report to back it up, and had tested the tactics in the field were all ignored.  Jester was obviously a moron, a belief that was championed in particular by one member of the thread.  And this is how the thread went until someone famously known to be even more knowledgeable than Jester stated that Jester was indeed right, "but I wasn't about to correct [the person calling Jester a moron] since this argument is pretty funny to watch."

"My bad", stated the "Jester is a moron" cheerleader, and the topic ended.  Did Jester get an apology?  Fuck no.  This is the Internet.  HTFU.

But absolutely nobody following the cheerleader bothered to actually check Jester's facts for themselves.  Absolutely nobody.

Now Jester has posted a guide on decloaking, and the very first comment states that everybody knows that drones don't decloak.  Did the commenter check for himself?  No, he did not.  He accepted the fact that he just knows that drones don't decloak.  Despite the fact that it takes about five minutes to confirm that this belief is false. 

Here's a stationary cloaked ship 2513m from a larger ship with drones out

Here's the very same ship being decloaked when the drones orbit within 2000m of him.  Nothing else changes, except the drones happen to come within range to decloak.

People, if someone on the Internet seems knowledgeable about the topic they're talking about, but they say something that you think is wrong, how about checking the facts for yourself before opening your mouth?  It's not that hard.

Garth out. 

The preceding has been an important message from Jester's evil twin Garth.  The management apologizes to any and all whom Garth may have offended.  He's a really bad person.


  1. Wow...people turn into complete ignorant twits on the net....how can people not know that drones decloak? Seriously..and any drone user knows the comments Jester got were out of idiocy and ignorance. But good on ya for this post and Jester for his work. Good stuff


  2. I've never been a big poster on SHC, but I've always gotten the impression that they're that kind of people. Stuck up, think they know the game better than anyone, etc. I've also always assumed that's a bittervet stronghold, and bittervets don't like change (even if it is helpful for pew-pew).

  3. Just amazing how ignorant people are. Heck, even MISSILES will decloak you, and even if they are just whizzing by on their way to a third party and just happen to get within decloak range.

    Enjoy the blog, by the way. Keep the good info coming.

  4. I apologize for the comment, but I think you'll find that it's been accepted wisdom for a while - I certainly couldn't tell you when I first heard it, but it's been a while now.

    I noticed this post this morning and promptly logged in to check for myself. You are, in fact, correct and I consider myself corrected. That being said, I've got a lot of people to re-educate on the matter. =)

    Also, guys, tone down the negativity - mine was a throw-away remark that I thought was correct at the time.


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