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Saturday, February 5, 2011


I spent four or five hours with RIFT today, trying it out during their Beta.

Why is it that every MMO must be a copy of World of Warcraft?  I don't understand.  There are other ways to run an MMO.  EVE proves it every day.  And yet, every MMO seems to be dual factions with three or four races, as fighters, clerics, mages, and thieves, on shard-based servers focused on ever-expanding content- and raid-driven PvE.

Needless to say, I won't be subscribing.  ;-)


  1. If your blog had a "like" button, I'd press it for this post :)

  2. As to your question, I can see many reasons.

    Theme park MMOs are a tried concept, proven to be capable of generating oodles of money, and the game world basics are familiar. I can see investors getting uncomfortable in their seats if you tell them that you're not going to be like WoW, because you would introduce scary unknowns into the profit equation. This might actually be the most driving factor - the next two points could be overcome.

    Implementation wise, the relatively reduced interactions between objects and players makes game balance somewhat easier (emphasis on 'somewhat' - game balance in any MMO is a mind boggling task). Similar, the shard approach makes it easier to provide the necessary infrastructure for the players.

    And finally the players - a lot of people like to play The Hero/ine in a fantasy setting, and doing so with a manageable number of friends (the "playing alone together" idea). It's the gaming equivalent of comfort food, to relax after a stressful day, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  3. All very good points. The question was obviously somewhat rhetorical, but you covered the reasons both players and devs like the WoW model really well.

    I would just love to see one fantasy MMO try the EVE model, though, wouldn't you? The major problem with expanding-content-driven MMOs is that nobody but Blizzard has managed to put together sufficient staff to keep the content expanding at a fast enough pace.

    EVE's model of making the players provide the content is truly visionary. A lazier space-based MMO would just have aliens. ;-)


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