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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Courier contracts -> API

An alliance-mate chatted with me this evening regarding some issues related to the Courier contract system.  I'm going to be writing a post about this tomorrow detailing my EVE experience, but one of my first ways of making money in EVE was judicious running of Courier contracts combined with shipping NPC goods around regions.  The combination in a big, fast hauler like an Itty V (or an Orca, for larger orders, with an alt to web the Orca at each gate) was a really good early-career way for me to make ISK.

In particular, I was pointed at this thread on the Assembly Hall section of the EVE-O forums:

After reading it and considering it, I strongly encourage everyone reading this to go out and give your support to this proposal.  Just reply to the thread, click on the little "support" check-box, and post.  There are a lot of really good ideas here.  In particular, I really think that as long as there's a dev team working on the APIs anyway, it'd be great if the APIs would be opened up more for market-focused toons (I have one of those, too).

In the meantime, a Contracts API would be a great place to start.  I'm also strongly in favor of adding a Corp role for the ability to pick up Couriers, as is also suggested in this thread.  There are so many corp thieves that rely on the lack of security around this...  Not that I want to put you guys out of business or anything, but it's currently way too easy.  ;-)


  1. I heard you visited us in our channel, Jester.

    We have got signals from CCP that a contract API is on the developement table. I would like to see the following features of a contract API (the following is very biased towards courier contract API):
    1. Live courier contract api (or at least as close to live updating as possible)
    2. All contract details must be accessible about a courier contract:
    - issuer
    - issued to (corp or personal)
    - issue time
    - pickup station
    - dropoff station
    - expiration time
    - completion time
    - volume
    - reward
    - collateral
    - status (outstanding, in progress, finished[delivered, rejected, failed])
    - accepted by (corp or character)
    - accepted time
    - finished time

    If all of this data is available on the fly, we can make:
    - Dispatch software for our pilots, suggesting what contracts to take to clear our contract queue as fast as possible, while making as much ISK as possible.
    - Client history of contracts, opening up for giving discounts etc for repeat customers
    - better estimates of delivery times to clients, based on historical data for the route, queue size, pilot numbers.

    And possibly a lot of stuff we have not thought of yet.

    One of my votes will go to you.

  2. Thanks for the update, and for your support! And yes, your proposal is going to be one of the first things I take to a CSM meeting, if I'm elected. They all strike me as solid changes.


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