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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Divided we stand

Want to give a pointer to a really good blog post.  Inner Sanctum of the Ninevah is one of the EVE player blogs I read regularly -- come to think of it, I'm going to add it to the list of blogs at the bottom of my own blog.  ;-)  He's kind of all over the map on his topics and focus, but that's fine.  I read what I like and skip the rest.

But for someone who doesn't live in the NC, he's done a really good analysis of what makes up the NC.  The only correction I'd make to it is he references "untold havoc in Pure Blind" while PL was visiting us.  The havoc was actually rather limited to a few tower trade back-and-forths and a few smaller gang fights, something that's over now that PL has moved down to Delve.  Many of the tower back-and-forths involved towers either in my alliance's space, or my alliance's towers specifically.  We welcomed NC assistance with these fights, because as I've mentioned before, PL outnumbers my alliance pretty handily, both in total numbers, and in the size fleets we can field.

However, in the general case, as I've said before, the NC is not the monolithic behemoth that it sometimes appears.  Check out the killboard for the massive Uemon fight yesterday, for instance.  You won't read a word from me about it; I wasn't there.  I've only heard from one alliance-mate that was there, and he never even managed to load grid.  There were only a handful of other Pure Blind residents there, and only three or four Goons.  "In fact, outside of a major enemy invasion they often have very little to do with each other," the blog entry says of the various components of the NC, and that's not only accurate, it obviously doesn't go far enough.  ;-)

Later in the post, he lists ways of "dealing" with the NC.  Speaking as a member of a Pure Blind alliance inside the NC, I'd say his option 4 is pretty damn accurate.  Granted, I haven't been in GOML for all that long, but from within, the NC gives off a rather sleepy vibe... unless someone comes around to wake us up.

I can't see the NC getting any bigger, for all practical purposes, and I can easily see it getting smaller, if the Goons decide to reset the NC to get some additional fights -- something that may very well happen at some point soon if the Goons don't get any fights in Delve.

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