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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Incarna game-play ideas

 As promised, here are some of the ideas I have for Incarna.  This is in no particular order.  Just stuff I've been thinking about.

It would be nice if Incarna featured:
  • A window. Even if it was just a simple Overview list of players/ships/items on grid with the station, with distances from the undock, that would be awesome.
  • The inevitable bar.
  • For the inevitable bar, the inevitable private shared rooms, for a price. Use your imagination.
  • A barber. Not something to fully alter character models, but only change a toon's hair style and color, a la Fallout 3.  Hairstyle, once set, should be permanent until the player pays to change it again.
  • Clothing shop. Again, not something to alter models, but to alter their clothes.  New clothes, after being purchased, should be added to a list of "clothing options" available to the player later.  Maybe five different clothing options per toon, changeable within the CQ or when docking.
  • Ability to alter overview settings while docked.

Actual Incarna game-play:
  • For the inevitable bar, a darts mini-game.
  • Board or table mini-games. The first Incarna teaser video had two toons playing something called Secwars, which is apparently going to be very similar to Slay.
  • That's a good place to start, but the classics should be included as well.  Chess, Checkers, and Go, at a minimum.
  • "Flight simulator"/EVE "arcade game". Two pilots pay a bar bet of not less than one million ISK.  Then they "sit" at consoles and battle each other on an Alliance Tourney-style EVE grid with pre-defined identically fit, identically player-skilled Rifters/Ruptures/Hurricanes.  Winner takes the pot, minus a percentage for the house.
  • An EVE-themed in-game CCG, with player-buyable/sellable cards. A lot of people will groan at this idea, but there's a section of the player base that'd love it.
  • Betting on the outcomes of the above five items, with an in-game escrow interface for holding the wagered amounts.  Again, minus a percentage for the house.
  • A hacking mini-game that would allow you to steal items/BPCs made by the NPC corp that owns that station.  If you succeed, you get the goods.  If you fail, penalties from losing standing with that corp to being ejected from station and have the station guns open fire on you.

Things that would just be freakin' cool:
  • A "doctor" that can clear all currently-active boosters (and their side effects) from your toon, for a price. And perhaps even remove implants from you intact, for a larger price?
  • Ability to view and manipulate orders in markets in multiple regions.
  • In-game API/interface for player-run businesses, notably banks, lotteries, contests, and the like.
  • Additional mission agents accessible only in Incarna, with unique mission rewards usable in the Incarna environment.  Even better if some of those missions were "go to enemy station and hack into its computer."
  • Better quarters if you have high standing with that station's corp.

Controversial, but also fun ideas:
  • Expand the hacking mini-game to allow limited viewing of in-game corp/alliance mail for corps with an office in that station.
  • Much harder hacking mini-game to allow limited theft of items in corp hangars in stations.

Anyway, just some stuff I came up with.  What do you think?


  1. If hackers get a chance at my station stored objects, then I want a chance counter steal from or kill the hacker. No risk, no gain.

  2. I like it. Kind of like the old "Black ICE" from the Shadowrun game.

  3. There was already a CCG, and it was awesome. If they bring that same game back, it would be just as awesome in game, but I wouldn't have to pay shipping for the cards!

  4. Hee, awesome! I had no idea.


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