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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jump changes proposal

The following proposal is a little rough, but it's something I posted to Scrapheap for comments.

Week 0
1. All current Cynosaural Fields are renamed to either "Jump Cyno Field" or "Bridge Cyno Field". All current POS cyno generators are renamed "Bridge Cyno Generator". Both current high slot mod cyno generators get a new script: Bridge Cyno Generator. Unscripted cynos are Jump Cynos.

2. The industrial/mining ship restriction is removed from the Rorqual. Rorquals can now carry any type of ship. Rorqual jump range is increased to match current carriers.

3. Introduction of a new capital ship class: Escort Carrier. Escort Carriers would have the following characteristics:

  • 75% of current carrier base HP. Jump range of current Dreads. 
  • One fewer "tank" slot, two more mid slots than a current carrier (so the Caldari and Minnie ones would be fairly awesome for a change); three high slots. 
  • 500,000m3 ship bay; about half the current carrier drone bay sizes. 
  • Orca sig radius. Say 650m or so. 
  • No ability to use warfare links or triage mods. Same rep bonuses as current carriers. Same number of drones/fighters as current carriers. 
  • Ability to generate Bridge Cyno field. Enough fuel to bridge in one full size capital or the comparable weight in sub-caps. 
  • Racial EWAR bonus, and the ability to have its EWAR affect super-caps.
4. All Bridge cynos now operate in reverse. The bridge ship must be in the destination system. The cyno ship activates a Bridge Cyno Field in the source system. Yes: that means your Titan/Black Ops/Escort Carrier must be on the battlefield, potentially under fire as it activates its bridge.

5. All Bridge Cyno fields -- whether Titan, Escort Carrier, or POS mod -- generate a beacon visible on the overview.

Week 2, two weeks later
1. Jump Cynos are now mass-restricted. Frigates can now generate a cyno for two Jump Freighters or Escort Carriers. Cruisers and Recons, two Carriers or Dreads (or equivalent). Battleships, four Carriers/Dreads (or equivalent). Escort Carriers: two Super-caps. Carriers: three Super-caps.

2. When a Jump Cyno has 85-90% of its mass restriction used, it collapses, allowing the ship to move (and removing the beacon from system). However, the Jump Cyno generator continues its full 10-minute cycle normally before it can be reused.

3. Current carrier jump range set to current Dread jump range (so Dreads, Carriers, Super Carriers, and Escort Carriers would all have the same range).

4. New POS mod introduced: Jump Cyno Generator.

5. Each Bridge Cyno Generator at a POS owned by an alliance may be linked to one and only one POS Jump Cyno Field Generator. Transit would be one way only, from the Jump Cyno Generator to the Bridge Cyno Generator.

Week 3
1. All current jump bridges removed from the game.

What do you think?  It hasn't immediately generated scorching piles of hatred on SHC, which I take as a reasonably good sign...  I'd like to refine it a bit and put it on the EVE-O forums for comment, but I'd like to see if I'm missing any glaring obvious downsides first.  See any?


  1. I am intrigued, even though not really qualified to ponder the ramifications.

    Two immediate questions: Only 500k m3 ship bay for the Escort Carrier? That is not much.

    Can both Bridge and Jump Cyno module be active at a POS at the same time?

  2. 500k ship bay: It's enough to carry a few inties or cruisers into a fight so that those killed can potentially reship.

    Yep, but since in this proposal one Jump Cyno Generator can only link to one Bridge Cyno, that greatly increases the number of Bridge Cyno Generators needed, and therefore POS fuel cost. It makes POS jump logistics more expensive.


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