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Friday, February 11, 2011

Kill of the Week: Best Rorq pilot EVER

OK, this one didn't happen this week.  It happened last week:

Or if you insist on a kill that happened this week, here you go.

Seriously, if you are this Rorqual pilot, if I am ever within 200 miles of you, let me know and I will happily buy you several &adult-beverages of your choice.  As of today, this pilot has 336 kills in a Rorqual, the vast majority of them solo kills!  I'll bet there are several very fun stories here.

Now granted, this is obviously a trap Rorqual.  A typical Rorq can tank at anywhere from 3000 to 5000 DPS for at least several minutes, depending on the exact fit and the skill of the pilot.  That isn't what's happening here.  This pilot has lost one Rorqual doing this, and the mid-slots are pretty amusing: triple Sebos, double officer webs, officer scram, faction point.  Highs just full of faction heavy neuts.  So, it's not exactly surprising that a Rorqual fit this way can get so many kills.  He probably just undocks at an NPC station, plays dumb, waits to be tackled, then releases the hounds.  At that point, it's a race: will the aggressed tackler live the 60 seconds needed to get docked up, assuming the tackler deaggresses?

This particular Tempest, even with his double Heavy Cap Boosters going full bore, was likely capped out in about 40 seconds.  Double-webbed and scrammed, its speed was cut to 35m/s or so.  Capped out, the Tempest was left with about 40,000 effective hit points: about 90 seconds work for five Ogre IIs.  By the time the Tempest realized how much trouble he was in, he was probably in half armor, reppers failing due to lack of cap, desperately firing its capless guns trying to break the Rorq's base shield tank.  No chance of it happening, though.  Even with no tank at all, it would take this Tempest about four minutes to cut through a Rorq's basic shields.

Still, given the relatively low DPS of the Rorq's drones, I suspect that this trap is sprung unsuccessfully more often than it's successful against larger targets.  Looking through his kills, you'll find that most of the time, this pilot kills single frigates or light cruisers.  So, even if he undocks in the face of a gang, as long as that gang doesn't have access to supercaps, he can pick off one of the gang's tacklers, then deaggress and get docked back up before the gang can do him major damage.  Alternately, if he's sitting there undocked and kills the gang's scout while the rest of the gang is one jump away waiting for the Rorq to aggress, he's probably docking up as or just after the rest of the gang arrives.

People hate hate hate docking games, but Rorqual kills are so rare that I doubt anyone can resist at least trying to kill him.  Fun stuff.  ;-)

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  1. Looks like that tempest kill was done on the test server, 6-CZ49 is the home system for singularity, still pretty cool though.


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