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Friday, February 18, 2011

Kill of the Week: Unholy Rage

I would be completely remiss if I didn't choose a kill from the massive fight in Uemon this week, so that's what I'll do:

There's nothing particularly LOL-worthy about the kill itself, unless you want to argue the relative merits of a Damage Control II on your Titan.  I don't, because the chances I'll ever fly a Titan myself are exactly nil.  If you want to debate it, debate it with someone who might fly a Titan someday.  ;-)

Something of note about the fit, though: it's 0.0-fit, despite the fact that the fight was to take place in low-sec.  DDs have been unusable in low-sec since Dominion 1.0.2, and I presume the main role of the double officer Cap Boosters is to rapidly recharge cap after a DD shot.  So, despite the large number of nearby friendly carriers, this pilot apparently chose not to refit.  I've covered "remember your mission" in the past, so I presume the choice not to refit was deliberate and reflected thinking that this was intended to be a quick in-and-out hot-drop, not a major engagement.  (Even so, I would have refit.)

The wide variety of items in the cargo bay is cute, and was also a deliberate choice by the pilot in question (he's stated in public he's now scouring the universe for another pile of fun stuff for his next Titan).  Throwing "fun stuff" into cargo for a ship that you might lose someday is a long-standing and still-growing EVE tradition.  The typical lone Exotic Dancer has given way to combinations (one pilot I know keeps one unit of Spirits and one unit of Livestock in cargo -- don't ask), or single more rare fun items like a copy of Pax Amarria or Navigation for Dummies.  I think my favorite fun item in this particular Titan loss is the Pith Guristas Spa-Card.  Don't think I've ever seen that one before, but it kind of makes sense...

And the whole fight in Uemon, if you think about it, is a hat trick.  The three biggest problems in EVE Online right now are lag, easy jump logistics, and bots.  This fight brought all three of them together in one system.  In-system lag was terrible, I'm told, and jump-in lag was so bad that some people waited hours to get into the system (and many couldn't get in at all).  The fight took place because one Recon or CovOps could light a cyno that brought in one hundred thousand times the cyno ship's mass in super-caps.  And if there weren't at least a hundred super-caps in that fight bought with botting money, I'll eat my keyboard.

However, I think the thing that really catches my attention most are the killboard comments.  My favorite quote about killboard comments (slightly paraphrased) is "Crayon them directly on your monitor; the only person that cares about them will still be able to see them."  Still, the back-and-forth anonymous rage here is pretty amusing.


  1. Neat post, and great killboard comments.

    I have always wondered why cynos were designed as "one size fits all". What if fuel consumption was related to the mass you wanted tobring in and you had to preload the appropriate amount of fuel before lighting the cyno? Or else what if cynos came in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes for fitting on appropriate ship classes...and with different fuel and mass limits associated with each size? Or a combination of both ideas?

    I'm sure these ideas have been put forth by others, but I do keep coming back around to wondering how re-speccing cyno modules might lead to some interesting challenges/situations.

  2. Yep, agreed. As far as I'm concerned, to bring in a super-carrier should require a capital class cyno. To bring in a combat capital should require a recon.

    But I also believe that the ridiculous limitation on the types of ships Rorqs can carry should be removed. There needs to be a general purpose non-combat logistics capital ship.

  3. Holy crap, I made Jester's Trek and didn't even realize it! Glad you liked the excess baubles enough to link back to them again, although I imagine by this point you know where to get the Spa-Card and such ;)


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