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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Learn from the experts

Something I always recommend to new pilots looking for ship fittings is to look to pilots you respect, and emulate the ships and fittings they fly.  Best place to do that is to scout out their killboards on battleclinic or eve-kill, concentrating on ships that they've lost.

You can try random or high-rated fittings on battleclinic, sure, and a lot of pilots do that.  But for my money, give me a fitting that a good pilot dies in, particularly if he dies in it repeatedly but still continues to fly it.

I've been thinking about getting Ripard into a Proteus heavy tackler for armor fleets and smaller gang roams.  Tackle is a job that I enjoy a lot with Ripard, and Gallente ships are good at it thanks to the point and scram bonuses, and the related perks that many Gallente ships get related to tackle.  It's probably the last job Gallente ships are good at in the sub-capital realm.

Thinking about the Proteus got me thinking about Shadoo.  I know he flies a Proteus quite a bit.  Go to eve-kill, look him up, switch to his losses, and the first Proteus I find that he's lost...

...has two points and a scram on it, all faction.  Yeah, that explains a lot, heh.

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