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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Marathon, not a sprint

This is all good stuff:

In particular:
  • You can now remotely destroy a jump clone from anywhere.
  • Since there isn't a good reason to remote rep someone who is criminally flagged apart from griefing, we're removing the ability to RR criminals in highsec. This is to close a loophole where people would CONCORDOKKEN their fleet. Thanks to Team Gridlock for making this change for us.
The latter is interesting.  If someone is not a criminal, but becomes one (by shooting a fleet member, say), what happens to the reps that are on him at that moment.  Are they cut off?  That's the implication.  It'll obviously need to be tested, but who's going to volunteer to test it?  ;-)  Maybe with a remote rep frigate...

This whole blog just emphasizes how important it is for CCP to keep a team like Best Friends Forever up and running perpetually.  It's something I'm really going to push for if I'm selected for the CSM.  It's no coincidence that this is item #1 on my agenda.  What I'm really afraid might happen is for CCP to run this team for a while, and then when player angst dies down, reassign these devs to something else...

Iterative development is a marathon, not a sprint.

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  1. +1. Continuing Engineering is not a glamorous role, but it's essential for incremental improvement.

    Customers may go 'wow' at each new expansion, but the low-grade irritation of small, unfixed issues will colour their perceptions in between those major expansions.


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