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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not a zero sum game

More CSM6 election news.  It's been pretty busy!

First, it might be jumping the gun a tiny bit, but I've gone ahead and created a post on the Jita Park section of the EVE Online forums.  I'm not an official candidate until March 2, but the post hasn't been removed after several days now, so I'm going to go ahead and point to it:

Ripard Teg for CSM6

If you have official questions for me about my run or my positions, please feel free to post them.  I'm also not above asking for posts offering support on that thread.  ;-)  So if you support my candidacy, please post there saying you do.  I would really love that.  The more I can keep that thread active, the better I feel my chances of winning are.

There are now six days left in the period to decide candidacy and get "paperwork" submitted.  In that time, a few more strong candidates have declared themselves.  Mynxee has been good enough to create a CSM6 Facebook wall for the more prominent candidates, so I think that's a great link to bookmark if you're looking for a central clearing house for posts regarding the CSM6 election.

As I indicated in a prior post, there are going to be some alliance-supported candidates coming out of Test Alliance Please Ignore and the Goons to push forward their "0.0-only" CSM vision.  The first of these candidates to publicly declare is White Tree, Test's candidate.  White Tree doesn't make any secret of his Test-supported candidacy (check out the graphics at the bottom of the page) but he will also apparently be pushing for broader support as well.

Another strong candidate is going to be Roc Wieler, one of the developers of Capsuleer.  I've been pretty clear about how shabbily I think he and PyjamaSam were treated, and I strongly support more player access and control through APIs.  Not surprisingly, a big part of Roc's platform centers on this issue, and with so many Capsuleer users out there, he's going to have an incredibly strong voting base from this issue alone.  He's now slowly putting up positions on other issues as well.  It's not a slam-dunk, though: there's a small chance he might not be allowed to run at all.

Finally, I am thrilled and honored to be one of the three candidates officially endorsed by Mynxee, the current CSM5 chair.  I'm particularly pleased to see that she noted that I'm not married to my own ideas.  I'm one of those very rare people that, if you tell me I'm wrong, and you then show me why I'm wrong... I will agree with you and change my position.  If that's waffling, so be it, but I prefer to think of it as being an intelligent human being.  ;-)

As Mynxee states, she and I have had on-going discussions on Scrapheap Challenge, but I think I really caught her attention last year during a discussion we were having about Incarna in the comments on Teadaze's website.  I had laid down some of my gameplay ideas for Incarna, and how to approach CCP with those ideas (note to self: write blog post listing Incarna gameplay ideas  ;-) ).  She read them, commented on some of them, and said "I like the way you think."  That prompted me to e-mail her about my thinking about a CSM run.  This led to a back-and-forth e-mail conversation over a few weeks, followed by a long telephone call.  Her support means the world to me, and she's been incredibly helpful and supportive.  Thank you, Mynxee!

Mynxee also endorses Trebor and Seleene, and I do as well.  I think the three of us would make quite a team.  :-)

You're not going to see me trash or go after any of the other CSM6 candidates, by the way.  This is not a zero-sum game with a winner and a loser.  There will be nine members of CSM6 and five alternates.  There's therefore nothing to be gained through any sort of negative campaigning.  As far as I'm concerned, the voting mechanic should be changed so that players can vote for up to nine candidates, then the nine with the largest stacks of votes win.  That way, we could all support all the candidates we like.  But in any case, every candidate is running because we want EVE Online to be a better game, and even if I personally lose, I will be content as long as there's a strong multi-faceted team in place for this critical term.

Good luck to all the candidates!

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  1. Happy to support you and of course I expect and hope for you to win a seat! BTW, that CSM6 community page on Facebook is for any candidate who wants their blog added to wall auto-update feed. But...they have to take the initiative and message me or another page admin with a request to be added. We're not going to chase them down :)


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