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Monday, February 28, 2011

Quote of the Week: Enough disappointment

We're only a day and a half now from the publishing of the official CSM6 candidate list, and only nine days or so from the start of voting.  So this week's QOTW cheerfully references that.  It's from the Lost in EVE podcast distributed a day or two before the candidate application process closed:
If you don't have enough disappointment in your life, this is the time to get your application in so you can be part of CSM6!
Couldn't resist, hee.  Apparently, I don't have enough disappointment in my life.  For those that know about Lost in EVE, the quote is Jayne, by the way, not Jade.  From this, you'll gather that Jayne isn't the biggest fan of the CSM process.  ;-)  Jade and Jayne are hosting a debate/round-table for CSM6 candidates this weekend, and I'll be participating in that.  Wish me luck!  Lost in EVE in general is one of the better-known EVE podcasts.  I heard about it back when I was living in a WH about 18 months ago, and started following them at that time.  They're a bit irreverent about some aspects of EVE, but it's definitely worth a listen.

Some major players have declared CSM candidacies.  I've already mentioned White Tree from Test.  The official Goon candidates are going to be The Mittani and Vile Rat.  Both will obviously be extremely serious contenders; The Mittani is openly gunning for Chair.  There are at least three other (all apparently unofficial) Goon candidates, including CSM5 Alternate Helen Highwater.

I continue to keep track of who from CSM5 will be running by editing my original January post on the subject.  You'll note that mazzilliu has now stated in public that she is not running.  As I've mentioned before, Sokratesz is running for re-election, representing NCdot.  I continue to watch for news on the remaining four CSM5 members.  The most recent rumor is that Vuk Lau is not running due to a RL move.

In other major "I'm not running" news, Larkonnis Trassler has been informed by CCP that he will not be allowed to run.  Lark and I have crossed swords a few times, but he's a very knowledgeable EVE player about both 0.0 and low-sec, and as I've mentioned before, I respect his opinions.  His campaign website has some pretty good ideas, and I'm sorry that he won't be able to pursue them directly.

With mazz and Lark both out, the major Pandemic Legion candidate this time appears to be Prometheus Exenthal. Prom is also very popular on Scrapheap Challenge and will probably take a good percentage of that vote.  Elise Randolph appears to be running again from PL, but to date has not appeared to expend serious effort on campaigning or getting a message out other than "I'm running."

With IT in disarray, we'll probably not see a major candidate come out of that alliance.  Seleene and Trebor both ably represent the south, both have a lot of backers, and both are putting forth major campaigns (and I continue to wish both luck and endorse both).  The official Morsus Mihi candidate is Killer2.  I'm told the two drone region Russian candidates are Krutoj and UAxDeath, but I have to admit that I know nothing about them.  Given the size of the drone regions and the discipline of the members, though, one or both are sure to be elected.

Finally, as I've already mentioned, Roc Wieler is running on the strength of his knowledge developing Capsuleer.  And finally, you can find my own post on Jita Park as well, if you're interested.  ;-)  I was amused (though oddly pleased) to see myself listed as a "big name" in the running by EVE News 24.  I wasn't aware I was a big name, but OK.  ;-)  And of course there are a ton of more minor candidates, any one of which could put up a strong showing as campaigning gets going.

So, it's an extremely busy and crowded field... and the official candidate's list isn't even out yet, LOL.  It'll be interesting to see which candidates pick up the early EVE-O forum buzz.

Good luck to everyone running!

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