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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Three incidental notes

Three quickies.

First, Fiddler's Edge is shutting down.  To me, this is a tremendous loss to the EVE blogging community.  I think Mord produced one of the best neutral blogs about 0.0 politics out there.  The great thing about the blog is that he'd not only report on the goings-on, but then he'd put what was happening in either the larger political context, or in the larger context of being an EVE player in general.  Finding another neutral blog about 0.0 politics is going to be tough.  So many of them are propaganda pieces.  Fly safe, Mord.

Second, an update to my kill of the week for last week.  As I mentioned, that kill happened in WYF8-8.  Until a few hours ago, sov in that system was held by Initiative Mercenaries.  Someone in the know sent me a message saying that IM was offered 250M ISK to freely release sov in that system instead of making the southern Russians fight through the Infrastructure Hub reinforcement timers.  This is pretty common in 0.0 sov warfare, because dealing with all of those timers is a major pain.  IM was inclined to accept the greenmail... until the southern Russians scooped a large tower that IM was un-anchoring in the system, thus mostly negating the potential gain.  So, IM declined the offer and the southern Russians were forced to reinforce the I-HUB... the very same I-HUB where that Golem and Wyvern and several other expensive ships died.

In the words of my contact, "Hope they enjoy that control tower. It cost them billions and billions of iskies."  Hee!  Karma is a bitch, ain't it?

And finally and as expected, the CSM application process opens officially tonight.  All of my to-dos are complete, but I had a couple of questions for CCP about things that might prevent me from running, so I sent them in.  I received an almost immediate response from CCP Diagoras.  On one -- I'm in the process of renewing my passport, which takes six weeks in the U.S. -- he said it wouldn't be an issue as long as I had a scan of the current one.  On the other -- which for various reasons I probably won't make public -- he said he'd check and see if it was an issue and get back to me tomorrow.  I don't think it'll be an issue, but I'm doing full disclosure to be on the safe side.

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