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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Assistant to the Quote of the Week: Turn the question around

OK, it's not a quote from this week.  ;-)

I remembered in my previous post that CCP had directly asked the CSM what features they wanted to see in Incarna, but I couldn't remember exactly under what conditions they posed that question.  Mynxee found it for me (thank you, Mynxee!).  It was the special October CSM summit.  Here's the relevant quote.
CCP: Nothing had been decided about the actual functionality and it was not possible to commit in any form or fashion to functionalities. CCP turned the question around and asked the CSM what they would be able to do in their quarters? Several things were mentioned; gambling, tactical management, view of the outside of the station (but stations in New Eden don't have windows!), access to station services, planetary interaction interface and customization of characters. Realistically this cannot be answered spontaneously so this will remain an open question for the time being.
Emphasis mine.

Mynxee: if I'm elected to CSM6, challenge accepted!  Talk to you in six months.  ;-)

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  1. LOL, I'll be watching! I hope you come back here and blow my cynicism and doubt right out of the water!


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