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Monday, March 7, 2011

Barrel of monkeys

First, a quick welcome to those of you that have found me from the comments on the Massively article on the (terrific) EVE Travel blog.  Come on in.  Stay a while.  To paraphrase Bachelor Party, "Boosters on the right, Exotic Dancers on the left."  ;-)

OK.  I'm going to try to be careful during this post not to go after any of the other CSM candidates, and one candidate in particular.  But there's a bit of a drama happening right now that can potentially greatly affect the outcome of the CSM6 election and in particular, the run for the Chair.  So I'm going to try to present the drama as factually as I can.  But since I enjoy snark, I'm sure some snark will slip in.  Please assume the snark is not directed at any given person.  I just enjoy snark.  ;-)  OK, ground rules set?  Let's undock.

To continue the story from my last post, on Friday, The Mittani jumped into an increasingly hostile Scrapheap Challenge thread about the CSM candidates.  The hostility wasn't directed at The Mittani in the slightest, but he came into a thread that was ready to explode.  Ad hominem attacks were flying freely, and even normally calm posters were getting angry with each other.  The Mittani joined this thread at around 7am Eastern U.S. time on Friday the 4th.  His very first post in the thread was, and I quote, "i own, deal with it" in response to a reference to his real-life Facebook page.  He followed up over the next hour with four or five more posts freely riffing on this "I am awesome" theme.  The thread at this point was 15 pages long.

It's now about 81 hours later, and the thread is now 46 pages long.  That's 450 additional posts, or a new post every 20 minutes.

Never let it be said that The Mittani cannot provoke a response.  ;-)

To say that the SHC guys didn't want to hear this from The Mittani is understating the case by a great deal.  Don't get me wrong.  I love the discussions at SHC and I find it a valuable source of information about what bittervet players think about the game.  But the community there is a bit... insular.  I tread very carefully when I post there.  Outsiders are not beloved.  Hell, there's a meme on that site that new posters should be banned immediately after their first post.  Outsiders that act like they know everything are particularly not beloved.  Polarizing outsiders that act like they know everything are downright despised.

Net result?  The entire thread and all of its participants opened up all of their cans of hostility on The Mittani all at once and with a single voice.

Prom, Vile Rat, Treb, Meissa, Serious Internet Politician (aka T'Amber), and a couple other more minor CSM6 candidates also jumped into the action, some trying to promote themselves, some trying to stem the tide of hate, a couple even joining the attack.  For the most part, they were ignored... shouting into a hurricane.

The Mittani tried attacking the thread back.  This just made things worse.  The Mittani rallied his troops on Jabber with this:
In CSM Politics news, we have found the powerbase of the pubbies who elected mouthbreathing idiots to the last CSM; apparently they live on shitheap, that forum where our anicent enemies in BoB used to congregate to hide behind the skirts of their own moderators. The SHC population remains hostile and hates our guts, hates nullsec, and is writing reams of conspiracy-fueled words about how we're out to ruin the game or ruin the CSM and 'why can't every candidate be just like Trebor' - who Helen Highwater identified as one of the most dangerous idiots on CSM5. Feel free to swing by their ~discussion thread~ to have a look at what our self-declared political enemies post like: http://www.scrapheap-challenge.com/viewtopic.php?t=39368 Things heat up in idiocville around page 21 when Vile Rat and I arrive.
That just made things WAY worse.  Protip: if you're trying to swing a community over to your side, calling them "mouth-breathers", "shitheap", and "idiocville" (sic) is not the way to go.  Bonus irony: The Mittani was undone here by the meta-game.  The poster that posted his jabber on SHC was named "itsmeiamthespy".  We're now on page 25 of the thread, Saturday at 9pm Eastern.  300 posts to go.

The thread partially turned to the topic of jump bridges for a few pages, and that's where tgr's post came in.  But mostly the thread stuck with hate for a while.  By page 31, The Mittani joked that he had decided to seek his fortunes elsewhere.  The hate continued unabated for another 150 posts.

Keep in mind that at this point, the bulk of SHC was planning to split their vote three ways for the most part: Prom, Seleene, and Trebor.  They were the longest-term SHC posters, the ones most part of that community.  Left alone, the votes would have been scattered.  There was even some regret posted in another thread that SHC would have little overall impact on the CSM6 election as a group.

This morning, bright and early, The Mittani hit up his troops on Jabber again:
Gentlegoons, in -two days- voting commences for the CSM, and it is now clear who our enemy is: an empire-dweller who would remove local, turn titan-bridges into something that randomly sends the titan itself through a bridge, change doomsdays into a game of pinball, and solve lag by making it impossible to see more than 100 ships on your client at any given time. It is time for a no-holds-barred posting op to expose the views of Trebor Daehdoow, the candidate who Empire is uniting behind to basically ruin Nullsec with his vast incomptence. He is their champion and - I fear - he may become the Chairman. Courthouse has compiled a list of his various crimes here: https://goonfleet.com/index.php?/topic/156676-csm-6-remember-that-deaf-dutch-bitch/
Now?  You can definitely see a trend building on SHC.  A lot of people are (a bit regretfully) stating that they're going to drop their Prom and Seleene votes... in favor of Trebor votes.  The Mittani seems to have done an excellent job uniting a community that was badly divided.

Meanwhile, we're also likely now to see a lot of anti-Trebor Goon propoganda in the next week or so... and given how short the election cycle is, it seems unlikely that the Goons will have enough time to attack anyone else other than Trebor, meaning that anyone who is anti-Goon is probably going to be voting pro-Trebor, a trend that Trebor can (and probably will) take advantage of.

This is funny and highly ironic, because The Mittani has written at length about how nuts the EVE community is as a group, and how hard it is to unite them to a single cause.  Hoist, meet petard.

Gods, today is busy.  And I haven't even commented on CSM5's open letter to CCP about Incarna yet...


  1. Excellent post, though I suspect wheels within wheels here. Could this be part of The Mittani's manipulation?

  2. Mittani? Manipulation? Hardly :P He's a good people manager, and a decent writer, but nah, this is all part of the usual election stuff.

    Truth be told, I find it very calm still this year, sofar.

  3. First, a quick welcome to those of you that have found me from the comments on the Massively article on the (terrific) EVE Travel blog. Come on in. Stay a while. To paraphrase Bachelor Party, "Boosters on the right, Exotic Dancers on the left." ;-) > thx!

  4. Virt only finds it calm because he didn't run! Very good post, Jester. I have to say, you have a way of lightening the mood with your perspective :) That's a good thing.


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