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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Barrel of mud

I'm in the midst of writing a long post about the CSM5 open letter regarding Incarna, but while I work on that post, there's been some follow-up on my post yesterday about The Mittani's open attacks on Trebor.

Trebor has responded, and he's responded in the most interesting and most direct way possible:
  1. By making fun of the campaign; and,
  2. by asking those people who were going to swing their votes to him in response to this campaign not to.
Here's his post on the EVE Online forums.  Go give it a read.  It's worth your time.

This is a very interesting approach to me, probably because I did a lot of Judo in college.  This feels like an attempt to turn the campaign in on itself... and it just might work.  Trebor does make a veiled statement that if this campaign offends you, you should only change your vote if you were going to vote for The Mittani (and presumably for Vile Rat).  Then, he closes his post with this:
In particular, I strongly urge you not to change your vote to me from one of the solid, non-aligned candidates who are running, such as Seleene, Ripard Teg, Meissa Anunthiel, Jonathon Silence, and Roc Weiler.

These are the kind of candidates who will work hard to improve the game, and the CSM. For me to be re-elected to a CSM that doesn't contain people like them will be a pyrrhic victory -- and deeply pleasing to those who care more about their own personal petty interests than the health of the game as a whole.
Trebor has indirectly endorsed my campaign a couple of times, but this is his first direct endorsement of me.  Thanks, Trebor!  Sorry it had to come under these circumstances.  But what an interesting way to close this post!  And I agree with it completely, obviously.  I've said in just about every arena (this blog, my Jita Park post, the Lost in EVE debate) that a single-issue CSM6 will be a failed CSM6.  I'd personally rather have 14 CSM members and alternates with 14 different views of the game, and unable to agree on a single damned thing, than 14 members with one view of the game.

Finally and most interesting of all, Trebor seems not to have posted this response on Scrapheap, where the original attack took place.  The thread there is up to 59 pages now.

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