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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fit of the Week: PvE + Gallente =

EDIT (18/Jan/2012): The fit below is -- as of Crucible -- sub-optimal.  I have replaced it with a pair of much superior PvE Ishtar fits as of 18 January, 2012.  I leave the older fit behind here as a historical curiosity.

[Ishtar, Low-Effort Ratter]
Damage Control II
Imperial Navy Medium Armor Repairer
Armor Explosive Hardener II
Adaptive Nano Plating II
800mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I

10MN Afterburner II
Omnidirectional Tracking Link I
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II

Dual 150mm Prototype I Gauss Gun, Antimatter Charge M
Dual 150mm Prototype I Gauss Gun, Antimatter Charge M
Dual 150mm Prototype I Gauss Gun, Antimatter Charge M
Small Tractor Beam I
Salvager I

Medium Sentry Damage Augmentor I
Medium Sentry Damage Augmentor I

Garde II x5
Ogre II x5
Hammerhead II x5
Hobgoblin II x5

So, I'm trying to keep the FOTW relatively balanced between Amarr, Gallente, Minmatar, and Caldari ships, plus a few "other" ships I'll throw in from time to time (faction, pirate, et cetera).  And my desire that "FOTW" doesn't become "PvP FOTW" leads me to want to throw in non-PvP ships from time to time.  I've only done one Gallente ship, and I haven't done a PvE ship in a while... and when I thought "Gallente plus PvE", the Ishtar swung instantly to mind.  Next time I want that particular combination, the FOTW will be a Dominix.  And the next time after that... well... there probably won't be a next time after that.  ;-)

This is another good "end-game" PvE ship, similar to the end-game PvE Drake I posted a few weeks back.  It's a ship that's going to require a pretty dedicated Gallente pilot, particularly to get access to those Tech 2 Sentry and Heavy Drones.  You can use Tech 1 Sentries and Heavies with no problems while you're training up; it'll just hurt your DPS somewhat.  Train the Sentries first.  Once you're using the T2 Sentries, this ship does more than 500 DPS.  As a result, it will be more than sufficient for missions up to Level 4, and then you can take it directly to 0.0 where it will be an excellent ratting ship as well.  Train and use the drone type suited to the rats you'll be attacking, if you prefer.  The Gallente drones are the best all-around, though, and are quite effective against most types of rats.

Ishtars favor an armor tank, and the proposed tank is quite solid with good broad-based resists.  Trade out the Armor Explosive Hardener for rat-specific resists to improve it still further.  The one somewhat expensive mod is the faction armor repper, but any PvE ship should have a faction mod or two to supplement its tank.  The difference the Imperial Navy repper makes is startling and well worth the extra expense.  The Afterburner will allow you to speed tank, while the high resists and low signature radius will keep you safe from most harm.  Still, if you need the repper, it's there, and can run almost cap-stable.

A lot of guys tweak and tune to wedge a second Omnidirectional Tracking Link in.  I find it's really not all that necessary.  Just use the Ishtar's high speed to burn in a bit before releasing your Sentries if you need to.  While the drones work, you can support them with three light guns, or concentrate on looting and salvaging.

Those guns are purely discretionary as to type, by the way.  While the Ishtar gets bonuses to medium hybrid weapons, hybrids as a rule are very weak and you see just as many laser-firing or projectile-firing Ishtars as you do the rail-firing type.  I'm a big fan of three Dual 180mm AutoCannon IIs on an Ishtar, if you have the skills for them.  It makes this fit cap-stable, the tracking on the Dual 180s is tough to beat, and the damage is actually superior to the railgun version, at nearly equal range.

Once you head for 0.0, there are a lot of advantages to ratting in a cruiser-size ship.  The key advantage is the quick align-and-warp of a cruiser-size platform.  Keep an eye on Local as you work, and if you see a neut or hostile come into system, just warp off to a friendly POS.  As long as you're paying attention, you won't have any problems.  And even if you do get tackled and killed, the Ishtar is a very inexpensive platform and very easy to replace, not only financially, but logistically.  Packaged, you easily can fit this ship and all its fittings into a blockade runner.  Try that with a ratting battleship or battle-cruiser...

Rat safe.  :-)

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