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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I lose a dollar

The official list of CSM6 candidates is now out.  I am one of 57 candidates in the running.

A month ago, there were six CSM5 members or alternates that hadn't yet declared their candidacies for CSM6: Helen Highwater, mazzilliu, ALPHA12125, ElvenLord, Korvin, and Vuk Lau.  At the time, I figured they were being coy and bet myself a dollar that all six of them would go ahead and run.

Yeah, I lose that bet.  Of those six, only one -- Helen Highwater -- is running.  Here's the final update on my post regarding CSM5 members in the running for CSM6.  Of twelve members active at the end of the term, only four of them are running: Helen, Trebor, Meissa, and Sokratesz.

Why did so few CSM5 candidates choose to run for CSM6?  From speaking to a few past CSM members, I know frustration had a lot to do with it.  CSM members put in a lot of work, and often there's little to show for it at the end of the term.  And the work itself is not exactly an incentive.  Trebor and other CSM members have publicly stated that the amount of time they have to actually play EVE Online is badly curtailed by the time spend working on the CSM for EVE Online.  Dierdra Vaal probably has the right idea: he's been running for every other CSM.  ;-)

There's no question: being on the CSM is a job, and a tough one.  Hopefully, the other 56 candidates recognize that.  I know I sure do.

Here's another pointer to my posting on Jita Park.  If you support my run, please throw up a question or a +1 into that thread to help me keep it active.  I'll also be announcing over the next day or so the round-tables and PvP classes that I'm going to be holding as "get out the vote" efforts.  DV is also going to be publicizing a very cool website in a few days.  I'll keep you posted on that as soon as I can.

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  1. "Dierdra Vaal probably has the right idea: he's been running for every other CSM."

    You're probably right!


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