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Monday, March 7, 2011

Quote of the Week: Fire for 6 minutes

Amazingly, the QOTW is not directly CSM-related, but does come from a CSM-related thread on Scrapheap:
Someone's calculated that a full fleet of maelstroms would basically take the entire deklein's station-based manufacturing ability a full day to keep firing for 6 full minutes (I think this was with T2 ammo), and the ratting alone done in deklein would take up half a day's worth of capacity. Find a good spot in empire, and you can outperform that in one system.
The post was written by tgr, and was his very first post on Scrapheap.  What a fantastic first post, though!  I strongly recommend everyone interested in 0.0 manufacturing read the whole post, because this person gets it.  I suspect the numbers are slightly exaggerated or even completely made up, but the core of the idea is a true one: there is not enough manufacturing capability or enough resources in 0.0 for an alliance to make a living out there without importing a truck-load (freighter-load?) of items Empire.  And that's before you consider a 0.0 alliance's T2 production needs.

Anyone who's done industry in 0.0 knows that these are facts.  Try to do any level of mod or ship manufacturing out there for any length of time, and you'll nearly instantly run out of tritanium.  Soon after, you'll run out of nocxium.  0.0 just doesn't have the capability to support itself right now.  I mentioned in the debate over the weekend that 0.0 needs to be the focus of a major EVE expansion right after Incarna's in place, and this problem is a major reason why.

The overall thread that this quote comes from is insane... just insane.  It started as a relatively bland thread for the CSM candidates that hang out on Scrapheap to again point to their blogs or Jita Park posts.  However, right around page 12, the thread went off on a tangent about EVE exploits and cheating (starting from a discussion of why Lark wasn't being allowed to run).  From there, the thread turned massively hostile, with ad hominem attacks back and forth.  Even normally very calm posters like Bartholomeus Crane lost their cool.  A side thread even started attacking Seleene.  Into this environment, The Mittani decided to step.  Unfortunately for him, he decided to open with "I can't hear you people over the sound of how awesome I am."

The results have been... interesting... to say the least.  Given what is likely to be their impact on the rest of the election, they probably deserve their own post.  That'll be next.

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