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Monday, March 21, 2011

Quote of the Week: Professionalism

This week's Quote of the Week comes from the excellent interview CCP Xhagen did with the EveCommune podcast last weekend:
Of course, the fifth CSM has maybe been the most visible CSM because they truly had the constructive and powerful messaging going on to the players.  I applaud that.  This was great.  It's wonderful to watch professionals use their experience for the CSM.
Gee... I wonder why I picked that quote.  ;-)

As I write this, the CSM6 election will be ending in 24 hours.  It's certainly been educational!  As I Tweeted a couple of days ago, it's been an incredibly long four weeks.  No matter how things turn out, I'd like to take this moment to thank everyone who has supported me in my run, with votes, EVE mails, and other messages.  It's been great to have all of your support and help.  So, thank you.

Running for the CSM has been incredibly hard work, and hopefully, a preview of more hard work to come.  ;-)

If nothing else, I've learned an absolute ton about EVE from talking with dozens and dozens of EVE players, and the questions that they've asked me.  I've learned about new ways of playing the game, and more of the reasons that brought all of us to this little universe called EVE Online.  I've even picked up a few pointers on tactics and play strategies that I'm going to be applying to how I play the game myself.

In 48 hours or so, if I've won a seat, I expect I'll receive an e-mail from CCP telling me so.  Reading between the lines in the CSM White Paper, I suspect that such a seat is not official until I've signed and returned the NDA.  Therefore, it's not something that I can announce until the official CCP announcement on or about the 30th.  So, don't expect me to say whether or not I've been elected until after the official announcement.  Either way it goes, after the announcement, I imagine I'll have a few things to write about with regard how I felt about the process.

Finally, you might ask: am I going to keep blogging?  After all, this blog was started primarily to document my CSM run.  The answer is yes, I'm going to keep blogging.  I've really come to enjoy the process, and a few people out there seem to think that I have interesting things to say about the game.  So as long as that's the case, I'm gonna keep saying them.  ;-)

Thanks again to everyone who supported me, and a final good luck to all the other candidates!


  1. No. Thanks for playing though, you could have got the right answer by simply asking any previous CSM delegate or alternate. I hope that if you are elected this isn't indicative of your general ability to do basic research and fact-finding.

  2. Well, I found it instructive as a researcher to compare the difference between the date on the e-mail copied in this blog post:


    ...and the date of this devblog:


    But sure, prove me wrong. What happens this week?

  3. I'm glad you will keep blogging, I think you have a talent for it.


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