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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two outta three ain't bad

The results of the CSM6 election have been posted:

Two out of three of Mynxee's endorsements won full sets.  I was number three.  ;-)  No full seat, no alternate seat.  After thinking it through post-election, I didn't think I would win.  I feel pretty good about those predictions.  Manalapan wasn't anywhere in the running either, and very surprisingly, neither was T'Amber.  Draco and Killer2 took those slots.  And my choices for alternates were way off.  But once you count people who are going to get 1500+ votes, counting the "tail" is a lot tougher.

The overall "feel" of my predicted CSM6 was very accurate, though.  The 0.0 power-bloc had no problem taking every seat they wanted to take.

I'll have lots more to say about the election now that it's over, but here are some other quick initial thoughts:
  • I find that I'm not upset at all.  The CCP Hammer interview and the stealth change to 0.0 rats (which wasn't even mentioned in the 0.0 summit that very day at Fanfest) drained some of my enthusiasm for dealing directly with CCP.
  • Happily, I'll have five to ten more hours per week to play EVE.  ;-)
  • Trebor should have picked his allies and stuck with them.
  • The Mittani has no idea what he's in for.  This is gonna be fun to watch.
More next week.  :-)


  1. Sorry to hear about your loss! Keep up the excellent blogging, though. I finally got around to being a Follower and bookmarking your blog.

  2. Really hope you keep up the blog.
    Sad you didn't get in. Voted for you 2x.

  3. Thanks for your support. :-) And yep, definitely going to keep blogging. Who knows, maybe I'll take another swing at CSM7 next year.


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