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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Assistant to the Quote of the Week: Pitchforks

From an alliance-mate who was at the Fanfest 0.0 Round-Table, something appropriate to read while we wait for Incursion 1.4 to drop:
Grayscale, by the way,  made a couple references to sov upgrades, but nothing to suggest what he was working on. That night he posted his blog on nerfing sanctums and he wasn’t seen walking around Fanfest again… as the pitchforks were out en masse…


  1. I can't imagine why people would be so upset about the change...Maybe you can answer this question for me Ripard, do lower end systems get extra sites when they are at the cut-off for getting additional high-level sites? (as is the case for the -1.0 systems getting additional sites)

  2. If I understand your question...

    My intepretation of the devblog is that for lower truesec systems (-0.01 through -0.24), the Havens and Sanctums just go away, with no other changes. They do not get additional Hubs (for instance) to compensate.

    Only the higher truesec systems (-0.86 through -1.00) receive extra sites above and beyond what they get today, and the devblog implies that all of the extra sites will be Havens and Sanctums. -0.76 through -0.85 systems will probably receive another extra site or two as well; the devblog is slightly unclear on that.

  3. Great. Thanks for the LVL4 missioning guide. Looks like I may need it after all.


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