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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bring me the head of Darius III!

EDIT (13/Apr/2011): This contest is hereby suspended, per the notes in a later blog post.

According to two step, one of the alternates on CSM6:
So far, I have been pleased by how they are treating the alternates. With the exception of Darius, who apparently can't be bothered with doing anything (I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the troll candidate) and prom (not sure why he isn't getting involved), the other alternates are all in the 24/7 Skype chat and all get to throw in their 2 ISK about stuff. Personally, I have been getting some good responses by CCP to questions I ask, as well as responding to their questions in the CSM forum.
Grrrr.  Darius III was the only person standing between me and an alternate seat, and the fact that he's not even bothering to use the privilege granted him by EVE Online players confirms my initial impression of him.

So, I'm going to have a little contest, my first on this blog:

Bring me the head of Darius III!

I will pay 100 million ISK in game to the first Jester's Trek reader to:
  1. contract Darius III's corpse to Ripard Teg; and,
  2. comment in this blog posting with a link to the associated Darius III kill-mail, which must be dated after April 6, 2011 (the day he was seated as a CSM6 alternate).
Bonus prize of some sort -- a faction point or something -- if you also post in comments a log of Local after the kill that begins "Jester says hi." and features some amusing rage from Darius.  Additional bonus prize of some sort if the kill happens because you ganked him in high-sec, preferably with a ton of loot in cargo.

Contest ends when either I confirm in comments I have received Darius III's corpse, or when CSM7 is seated, whichever happens first.

Let the hunt begin!


  1. maybe 100 mill isnt good enough. I will match Ripard's offer with 100 mill ISK of my own.

  2. Really mate, I have been active. The forums went down causing some problem, but it is not at all that I havent been active. I didnt reply to or send any mails because the mail spam is aweful as it is.
    As an alt I listen to what is going on, as is my job. To say I am inactive is pure BS

    And the only thing that "stood between the alternate seat" was your inability to get votes.

  3. What toon can I get the contract to? assuming I kill him.

    Don't expect D3 to rage though, never happen

  4. Don't get me wrong. The bounty isn't because you beat me in the election. You beat me fair and square using the valid EVE tactic you mention. I might be annoyed by the tactic, but I'm perfectly fine with losing.

    No, the bounty is because you were called out by another alt as not doing the work, and not taking advantage of the position to which you were elected. If you say you'll do the work, get on the CSM Skype channel, and participate in the discussions, then I'll believe you and withdraw the bounty.

    Is that what you're saying?

    P.S. I have a communications degree, which means (among other things) that I know the second and third comments were written by the same person. ;-)

  5. Jester, your communications degree doesnt grant you some magical fucking power to know who posted the comments...the site admin tools do that


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