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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Comment of the Week: Well-organized

A comment by an anonymous poster highlights the key difference between the NC and their enemies:
From a Industrial & PVP corp in a pet alliance of the DRF, with director roles and political insight:

I don't know if the NC are ready to failscade. I have no knowledge of the HC stress or morale of the average grunt.

I do know that we've been running daily raids on industrial lines, ratting space and mining space, disrupting their industrial base, for the last 3 months.

I do know that we've been producing capital ships (Dreads/Carriers) for the last three months and selling them consistently to SLORDR (Solar Legion of Red Death Raiden) for typically between 2-5% less than market, and that they are in turn taking these capital ships, breaking them down and reproducing them into supercaps, at an unbelievable rate.

The only way the NC could break SLORDR would be to break the industrial pet alliance base that is housed deep in drone regions. They've tried. But SLORDR recognizes this, and as soon as it's reported that there are more than 30-40 reds in a region, I start seeing SLORDR home defence capital ship pilots logging on and popping up in a few specific systems that are within jump range of key industrial systems and those reds high-tail it out of the regions.

I won't name names or systems/regions. Smart people can figure that out on their own with a cloki.

All told, this is something that's been planned out months in advance with pet alliances being asked to do very specific things. The whole thing is just extremely well organized.
Emphasis mine.

Thank you for the excellent comment, Anonymous!  ;-)


  1. Ugh... and here you tease me into trying to claim this with my identity so that I can ego boost my eve profile!

    Fortunately I rolled a nat 20 on my will save...

  2. I used to wonder about the average person living in Europe and the Middle East during the age of empires. What did it really mean to a farmer when one empire overan another...how did it affect daily life? The market turns chaotic for a while, but life settles back into a steady flow.

    As a miner and industrialist in an NC renter corp, nothing much has changed. There have always been fleets moving thru the regions. The bigger 40 ship fleets of the past 3 months are the same disruption that the 20 ship fleets provided before. It's just another day of dealing with life in 0.0. I don't mine or produce or sell any less or more now than I did before.

    The big disruption was the anom nerf and the steady stream of people moving to hisec. I don't know how many are moving for other reasons. I don't sense low morale, but I am not a PVPer on the front lines. Wars means a steady demand for my ore, so my morale isn't going anywhere.

    The small concern I have is how people were worried about NC making everyone blue and there being no more fights. Those same people seem to think DRF controlling everything will have a different result. If there is an NC failscade, your source's insight assures me that I can go produce in the very safe deep drone regions and hope that CCP opens hisec up to sov warfare so the DRF will have something left to conquer.

  3. Jester,

    Whats the best way to contact you ? I didnt see any links for contact. If it's something you discourage, I totally understand.

  4. EVE mail to Ripard Teg, or private message on Twitter (@RipardTeg), your choice.


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