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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Equal pay for equal risk

So, to follow up on the Sanctum/Haven nerf topic from a few weeks back.

As I've said several times before, my own alliance lives in Pure Blind.  The quality of the sites that can be run by ratters is defined by the Military index for each system in a region.  The higher the Military index, the better the quality of the sites.  Previous to the nerf, it was possible for each Military index 5 system (the highest rating) to receive two Sanctums and two Havens, both worth 25-35 million ISK each.  Upgrading a system is done through a series of modules that must be installed in the system's Infrastructure Hub.  The first few are small, but the last has to be brought in by freighter.  Each level of upgrade requires that sufficient ratting be done in the system to make the upgrade installable.  Alliances were therefore highly motivated to draw additional members to rat in these systems to increase this amount to the point where the expensive upgrades could be installed.  It costs 750 million ISK to buy these upgrades, per upgraded system, and once installed, you can't uninstall the upgrades.

Once the system is at Military index 5, people must continue to rat in the systems in order to maintain that index.  If they do not, the index falls and the highest end sites are no longer available until ratting is again picked up.  Since the lowest true-sec systems (which Pure Blind is full of) now receive only a single Haven, there are no longer enough sites to support the amount of ratting needed to maintain Military index 5.

As a result, ratting has virtually ceased in Pure Blind and military indices are falling like meteors.  As of this writing, there are three systems left in the entire region that still have Military index 5.  Providence has more: four.  For comparison, half the constellations in Feythabolis have more, per constellation.

This does leave a number of systems at Military index 4.  At this index, you receive three sites called Hubs, worth 8-10 million ISK each.  For my own entertainment the last two nights, I decided to compare the income a 0.0 resident can make running Hubs with the income an Empire resident can make running L4 missions.

Not surprisingly, the mission-runner won.

I kept the conditions of the test as equal as possible.  For my 0.0 ratting, I used three toons: one in a carrier (1200 DPS), and two in ratting-fit Tengus (725 DPS each), for a total of 2450 DPS.  For my L4 missioning, I also used three toons: one in a Nightmare (1050 DPS), one in a Machariel (1000 DPS), and one in a Raven Navy Issue (about 650 DPS), for a total of 2700 DPS.  In both cases, I ran flat out for five "ticks" of 20 minutes each: one hour and forty minutes.  It is my belief that the system-to-system jumping needed to run missions more than balanced out the higher DPS of the mission group -- the ratters merely had to warp from site to site, not jump between systems.  The ratters also did not have to dock at station frequently the way the missioners did.

In both cases, I did not attempt to salvage the sites.  I simply cleared them and moved on (turning in the missions as needed).  I declined only one mission, against rogue drones, and accepted several sub-optimal missions.  I did not receive any particularly exceptional missions, nor any Couriers, nor did I receive any Storyline missions during the test.

At the end of five ticks of 0.0 ratting, I received ticks of between 7.5 and 11 million ISK for two toons (the carrier was off-grid), for a total of 82 million ISK.  At the end of five ticks of L4 missioning, I received ticks of between 3 and 6.5 million ISK for three toons, for a total of 85 million ISK.  I also received approximately 25,000 LP, worth an additional 20-25 million ISK.  This is a total of between 105 and 110 million ISK.  Had I accepted only optimal missions, I have no doubt I would have increased this total.

While missioning, I never left 0.8 systems.  The ISK I made was essentially risk-free.

While ratting in 0.0, I was under threat of having my two ratting Tengus destroyed by roaming PvP gangs. 

...except that with the ratters gone, Pure Blind has become a remarkably quiet place to live.  During the entire 100 minutes I was ratting, only seven reports of hostiles were made in the Pure Blind regional intel channel.

Still, not exactly equal pay for equal risk.  The Mittani will be pleased that his favorite bugaboo is back for him to rant at.


  1. As a current resident of a -0.4 system, I would like to point out that Forbidden Hubs make around 16 mil a pop, and can be completed in less time than it takes to do a Haven. Forlorn Hubs are worse off, at 9m each, and probably aren't worth doing if better sites are available.

    Just don't do Hidden Hubs, unless you enjoy low-payout frig swarms.

    Also, we found a Ring Sanctum in our system today. Not sure if it's a bug, or stealth buff, or something.

  2. Anonymous. Are you perhaps referring to Forsaken Hubs? They are indeed better than Forlorn Hubs. But non-existent in -.3 systems & below. At least in my experience.
    I did hear something about Sanctums spawning like Complexes, & rarely. That's what probably happened.

  3. -0.5 system. 10 million per tick doing meta Hubs, which now can escalate due to the DED complex buff. No complaints.

  4. Sir Fury: Indeed I did. Sorry, I always call it the wrong thing.

    The Sanctum has yet to respawn, so it's probably a chance-based thing.

  5. Guristas forsaken hubs, solo in a vindy, or Kronos, 28m per tick - thats one hub per 20 mins, but when hostiles come into system, that drops to basically zero per tick.
    imo incursion running in hgh is the easist way to make isk ive found so far, without dabbling in faction war, or mission running for nullsec npcs.


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