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Friday, April 8, 2011

Kill of the Week: Bait the hook

Here's proof that you never want to become too predictable, no matter what kind of ship you're flying:

This particular pilot was becoming well-known in NC space, and ably demonstrates the concept of not flying what you can't afford to lose.  He seems to have bought his Nyx about five weeks ago, and you have to give him credit: the first thing he did with it was participate in a hot-drop on a jump freighter.  More kills followed: two more jump freighters, three carriers, and finally, on March 20, a Wyvern super-carrier.  In all of these cases, he was with other super-carriers. In one case, he was with a whole fleet of supercaps.  But in every case, he had at least one or two other super-carriers with him.

Then, he started getting greedy.

On the 25th, he hot-dropped a Rorqual alone with a bomber.  On the 27th, a jump freighter, again alone with a bomber.  On the 31st, a carrier; and on the 1st, another jump freighter, both times using the same tactic.  All of these kills took place in or around DL1C-E.

The trick to solo-ing is not to become too predictable.  This goes double for hot-drops.  Don't stick to the same tactics.  Don't stick to the same regions.  Your toon name can quickly be learned, and can even more quickly build a reputation.  The one thing the NC is good at besides blobs is regional intelligence.  If the same pilot comes around night after night, his tactics and the ships he likes to fly are soon learned and posted into the intel channels.  And when that happens, FCs start developing counter-tactics.

So, when one of the same bomber pilots that this Nyx pilot had used before once again came into DL1C-E, a response fleet was ready.  But how to get him to engage?

Bait, of course.

The rest was fairly inevitable, and now that pilot no longer has a Nyx.

Baiting is a common tactic in New Eden, and martyr ships are becoming increasingly common and growing in size.  Small-gang FCs and individual pilots are becoming more and more skittish in the last year or so.  It's almost to the point now where an FC will be willing to sacrifice a ship or three... even a capital ship... to force an engagement from the other side.

And that works whether the "other side" is in a few battle-cruisers or in a super-carrier.  ;-)

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